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I checked these folks out. sounds like this might be another good way 
for us to be heard. they also have links to other micropower radio 
resources. AND they are also supporters of the upcoming direct action 
for media democracy at the National Association of Broadcasters 
Convention Sept. 20-23 here in San Francisco. hope to see you all 



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>Subject: Community Radio Help
>Dear Activist Friends:
>Does your town need better radio?
>Prometheus Radio Project is  an activist group devoted to creating
>opportunities in radio
>and democratizing the media. Community radio can be the lifeblood of a
>neighborhood, an electronic town square that can help communities govern
>themselves, give forum to
>innovative ideas, create learning opportunities for youth, and nurture
>local cultural
>expressions. Radio, once called the "the theater of the mind, " is a
>medium that is low cost, imaginative and uniquely well suited  for
>community use.. For the past twenty years, the FCC has mistakenly
>regulated against such local outlets.
>On January, 20th, activists promoting community radio won a surprising
>victory over one
>of the most powerful lobbying interests in the United States- the
>National Association of
>Broadcasters. Over the course of the next year, a series of five day
>windows will open up
>that will allow for the distribution of many hundreds of new 100 watt
>radio licenses across  the country. These licenses will only go to
>non-commercial, non-profit groups,just as we  fought for!  A new
>community radio station can go on the air in those five days for a few
>thousand dollars, compared to the millions of dollars that are routinely
>paid for broadcast operations  in todaysí market.  Our victory was not
>complete- there are not as many licenses to go around as we had hoped.
>Competition may be fierce in some areas of the country,  but we want to
>help prepare communities across the country to take advantage of this
>rare opportunity.
>As lifetime activists in the movements for social justice, we have a
>special interest in seeing community organizers and neighborhood
>organizations apply for these stations. Public access centers,
>libraries, community technology centers are good examples of publicly
>minded institutions which could create meaningful democratic citizen
>institutions on the  nations' airwaves. Other good groups might be land
>trusts, political organizations, civil rights groups, ethnic
>associations and activists of all stripes. If our groups do not take
>initiative, it is a sure thing that fundamentalist satellite networks
>will attempt to scoop up all the new stations, undermining the community
>purposes for which these licenses were designed.
>The licenses  are not hard to apply for, and the application is free.
>But there is only one opportunity to apply, and it is coming very soon.
>The United States has been divided into 5 groups of ten states each.
>Every three months, another window opens for ten states, then closes
>again after five days. No one can apply before or after that window.
>Prometheus Radio Project is going on tour to help raise awareness about
>the new service. We'd like to come to your town to do a workshop with
>your group or other community organizations to help set the wheels in
>motion to start a radio station While we're in town, we can help fill
>out your application for an LPFM. If this finds its way to you and you
>donít live in those states, contact us to find out when we are coming
>near your town- over the coming months, we will travel throughout the
>  You can also check our website for more info on starting a station, or
>contact us with your questions at 215-476-2385.
>pete tridish

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