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FWD  Sat, 29 July 2000
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[PPEHRC]:Unveiling of the University of the Poor & Schedule of events


Today, among the other events during the  the University of
the Poor will be officially unveiled, at a discussion from
3pm to 5pm at Temple University. The University of the Poor
is a web-centered educational institution dedicated to
training leaders of the poor and their allies to build a
movement for economic human rights. It will become the
educational arm of the Poor People's Economic Human Rights
Campaign. Everyone is welcome.

WHERE: Kiva Auditorium of Ritter Hall, 13th and Cecil B.
Moore, Temple University. Public Transport: take Broad
Street-Orange line to Cecil B. Moore stop.

WHEN: 3-5pm, Saturday, July 29

Following is the schedule with the main events for the
remainder of the weekend. Check the www.kwru.org web page
for continued updates.
Saturday July 29:
Early morning showers
8am: Individual press interviews
8-9am: Breakfast
9-10am: Educational on the history of the PPEHRC at Tent
11am: Gather for the Ad Hoc Coalition to Defend Healthcare
March at Franklin Square (6th and Race).
12pm: March Begins
1:30: Rally at Love Park (16th and JFK)
2pm: Leave march and return to Ritter Hall at Temple
University (13th and Cecil B.Moore)
2:30pm: Press Conference at Ritter Hall
3-5pm: PPEHRC: University of the Poor presentation in Kiva
Auditorium of Ritter Hall
5-6pm: Dinner
6:30-9pm: Forum: Labor Party in the fight for Economic Human
Rights hosted by the Kensington Welfare Rights Union in the
Walk auditorium of Ritter Hall
9pm-11pm: Reception
Late evening showers

*Reality Tours will run at 9am, 12pm and 3pm, leaving from
the Liberty Bell, First stop Tent City*

Sunday July 30:
Early morning showers
8-9am: Educational and Breakfast at Tent City
9:30-10am: Meet at 30th street for the UNITY 2000 March
10:30am: UNITY 2000 March begins
9:30-11:30am: Workshop: Human rights in the Deaf
Community.(for those interested who are not attending
1pm: Screening of Outriders (closed captioned) (for those
interested who are not attending UNITY2000)
2-3pm: Video and written documentation of Deaf Human Rights
Abuses at Tent City. (for those interested who are not
attending UNITY2000)
12-4pm: March finishes at the art museum, followed by
speakers and music.
5-6pm: Dinner at Tent City
6-7pm: Educational on Human Rights Violations in the Deaf,
Hard of Hearing and Deaf-Blind communities at Tent City
7pm: Human Rights Monitor meeting at Tent City
7-9pm: Music Night
Late Evening showers

*Reality Tours will run at 9am, 12pm and 3pm, leaving from
the Liberty Bell, first stop at Tent City*

Monday July 31:
7am: Prayer service and breakfast at Tent City
8am: Press Conference at Tent City
8:30am: Prepare for march and pledge of non-violence
9am: Head to City Hall (15th and Market)
10am: Speakers check in
11am: Rally Begins
12pm: March For Economic Human Rights begins to the First
4pm: reconvene in North Philadelphia
7pm: Clean up Tent City


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