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Calendar of Events for the August D2KLA actions in Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Saturday July 29 1 pm - 5 pm
Nonviolent Direct Action Training Learn about the history of nonviolent
action and the power of nonviolence, gain new skills and experince
through exercises and roleplays about how to descalate situations, make
quick decisions, use consensus and organize effective actions. We will
also work on forming affinity groups and faciliating their involvement
during the DNC! 1919 7th St. near MacArther Park, one block east of
Alvarado. 323-993-7212

Saturday July 29 2pm
Teach-In at UCLA "1968-2000: The Fire Last Time to the Fire this Time".
The International Socialist Organization is sponsoring a teach-in
connecting the movements of the 60's to the movements of today in
preparation for the DNC 2000. Joel Geier, a leading member of Students
for a Democratic Society, Snehal Shingavi of the United Students Against
Sweatshops, and participants in this spring's successful janitor's
strike will speak; other speakers TBA. UCLA, room TBA Sarah Knopp
sarahknopp@hotmail.com 213-383-4198

Sunday July 30 5pm
Live From Death Row The Campaign to End the Death Penalty is having a
very exciting event to build for the DNC Mumia, Unity, and Criminal
Justice marches. The "press release" description of the event is below.
Please come if you can and bring others, both the convinced and the
unconvinced. Grand Salon, Kerckhoff Hall, UCLA Michal E. Myers (213)

Tuesday August 1 -Friday August 18 24 hours a day
Los Angeles Independent Media Center Los Angeles Independent Media
Center (IMC) info@la-indymedia.org la.indymedia.org

Thursday August 3 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Legal Observer Training Legal Training for law students and members of
the community who wish to help protest the legal rights of demonstrators
and residents during the Democratic National Convention. The training
will cover 1st. Amendment activity, potential criminal charges,
municipal ordinances and issues regarding arrest of immigrant and minors
and much, much more! Donovan Hall,Loyola Law School, 919 S. Albany St.
West of Fig on the corner of Olympic and Albany 213-250-5500

Saturday August 5 -Thursday August 17 9am - 10pm
Community Convergence A series of workshops, trainings and issue forums
on arts: puppet making, dance/movement, spoke work and street theater,
nonviolent direct action trainings, legal and jail solidarity, first
aid, media, action roles, consensus and meeting faciliation,
communications, and issues such as schools not jails, the Uw'a peoples
struggle for justice, Citigroup, welfare reform etc. 1919 7th St. Near
Westlake St, one block east of MacArthur Park. Near the Metro Line.
323-993-7212 www.d2kla.org/dan.html

Saturday August 5 -Thursday August 17
Direct Action Community Convergence 323-993-7212

Thursday August 10 -Thursday August 10 7 pm - 9 pm
Legal Observer Training Legal Training for law students and members of
the community who wish to help protest the legal rights of demonstrators
and residents during the Democratic National Convention. The training
will cover 1st. Amendment activity, potential criminal charges,
municipal ordinances and issues regarding arrest of immigrant and minors
and much, much more! Merrifield Hall, Loyola Law School, 919 S. Albany
St. West of Fig, near the corner of Olympic and Albany. Cynthia
Anderson-Barker 213-250-5500 Katya Komisaruk 323-939-3039

Thursday August 10 -Saturday August 12 8:30am-7pm (everyday)
The Reality of Los Angeles Tour Global Exchange Reality Tour of Los
Angeles, three days exploring the Prison Industry, Sweatshops and
Environmental Racism in Los Angeles. Meet with community groups and
organizations working in these issu All over Los Angeles!! Xiomara
Castro - Exploring California xiomara@globalexchange.org 415.255-7296
ext232 www.globalexchange.org

Friday August 11 -Thursday August 17
People's Convention Speakers, workshops, hospitality center.

Friday August 11 -Thursday August 17
North American Anarchist Conference speakers, workshops, networking,
plays PO Box 6188, Fullerton CA augustcollective_la@disinfo.net

Saturday August 12 9:30am-12:30pm
Mothers' Convention on Welfare A call to all people who are tired of
hearing that welfare reform is a success! Mothers' work has increased,
but families remain in poverty. It's time for real change. The welfare
reform law will be revised nationally soon. Let your voice be heard!
Free parking, childcare, translation. Patriotic Hall, 1816 S. Figueroa
St, LA (wheelchair accessible) Hilda or Suzy 213-439-1070

Saturday August 12 3pm
National Raza Protest The raza protest against the DNC. All are welcome
300 North Los Angeles St, Los Angeles CalifAztlan (Across from Parker
Center) Jaime Cruz ncmc2000@hotmail.com, pnlru@hotmail.com (213)
480-0047 ncmc_2000.tripod.com

Saturday August 12
GE Food Teach-in and Parade 310-392-7656

Sunday August 13 -Thursday August 17
National Homeless Convention The National Homeless Convention will
include speakers, music, marches and vigils to demand a national
homeless plan. Dome Village, Justiceville/Homelessness USA, 847 G
213-892-9011 DomeVillage@aol.com

Sunday August 13 7-10pm
Celebration of Democracy! On the evening of August 13, the Democrats are
staging a high-priced fundraiser on Santa Monica?s Pier 5. On the beach
nearby, activists, artists and working people will throw a party of our
own. The event will begin with a rally at Banana Republic and the Gap to
demand that Gap Inc. pay its workers a living wage and treat them with
dignity. Then we?ll march to the beach for a celebration featuring
music, performers, food, dancing, and speakers on issues of economic and
political democracy. The beach party will bring together people who
can?t afford to attend fundraisers or buy influence in the political
system. It will draw attention to the Democratic Party's exclusiveness
and to the inclusive and diverse nature of true democracy. This event is
still in the planning stages, and we need organizers, speakers,
performers, and new ideas. Anyone who wants to endorse the celebration
or help with planning can send an email to A13beachparty@egroups.com or
contact Sarah or Juliette at Global Exchange (415-255-7296 X254). Santa
Monica beach by Pier 5 Juliette Beck (Global Exchange)
juliette@globalexchange.org (415) 255-7296 Michael Everett (Southern
California Fair Trade Ne ia728@primenet.org

Sunday August 13 1-7 pm
March and Rally for Mumia Abu-Jamal! Downtown LA (call for more info).

Monday August 14 2pm-4:30pm
March Against the WTO and Corporate Globalization, sponsored by Film and
Television Action Committee, Global Exchange, Rainforest Action Network,
and the Southern California Fair Trade Network TAKE THE TOUR OF
CORPORATE SHAME--World Trade Center, So. Cal.Edison, ARCO(BP, Citibank,
and more, and then join the march for human needs not corporate greed. A
peaceful, legal march. Assemble Pershing Square, 5th and Olive So Cal
Fair Trade Network 323-281-0033 Global Exchange www.globalexchange.org
1-800-497-1994 www.globalexchange.org

Monday August 14
Human Needs Not Corporate Greed/March For our Lives! Mass march on the
opening day of the democratic convention. Assemble 5:00 pm downtown.
Location to be announced. d2kmarch@d2kla.org

Monday August 14 -Thursday August 17
Take Back Democracy From the Corporations - Democrat National Convention
Protest the Democrat National Convention in L.A. at the Staples Center.
Send the no more business as usual message to the corporate elite.

Monday August 14 5pm
Million Billionaire March The Billionaires will march as a huge
contingent of the Human Need not Corporate Greed March. Imagine
thousands of people marching in top hats and gowns or wearing paper
masks that show bush and gore's faces digitally morphed together,
chanting "This is what PLUTOCRACY looks like!" Location to be announced
Andrew Boyd Andrew@wanderbody.com (646) 391-1055

Monday August 14
Protest Exclusion of Ralph Nader from Presidential Debates The Green
Party of California is organizing a Demonstration against the exclusion
of it's candidate for President, Ralph Nader. If you are tired of Big
Money determining your election choices, and having to chose between
either Tweedledee or Tweedledum for President... Todd Roybark

Monday August 14 -Thursday August 17
Shadow Convention sponsored by Arianna Huffington and sponsored by
Arianna Huffington and focusing on campaign finance reform, the widening
wage gap and the failed war on drugs.

Tuesday August 15
Presentation of Alternative Platform A group of disenfranchised
democrats will be presenting an alternative platform in a Press
Conference/Rally and Delegates to the convention will attempt to bring
it to the floor. Scott Galindez scott_galindez@yahoo.com 213-389-2991

Tuesday August 15 5pm
Save the Iraqi Children Rally to Demand Save the Iraqi Children.
Sanctions are a weapon of mass destruction. Lift the sanctions now! Stop
bombing Iraq! Staples Center, 11th & Figueroa iacenterla@earthlink.net

Tuesday August 15 12-2pm
Bus Riders Union Rally and March for Racial Justice / Manifestaci█n y
Marcha del Sindicato de Pasajeros por Justicia Racial TBA Ted Robertson
laborctr@igc.org 213.387.2800 www.busridersunion.com

Tuesday August 15 5:30pm
Critical Mass A celebration of the bicycle! Bike through downtown with
hundreds of cyclists, reclaim our streets, enjoy spontaneous,
leaderless, car-free transportation. Downtown Library - 5th and Flower,
Los Angeles jlinton_99@yahoo.com zivt@ucla.edu

Wednesday August 16 12 noon-5:30 pm
March & Rally Against Mass Incarceration, Police Brutality, Death
Penalty and to Free All Political Prisoners Uniting with theme/call of
the D2KLA network for a focus on criminal justice issues on Wednesday,
August 16, an Ad Hoc Coalition for Justice will gather at Pershing
Square at noon, march at 2:00 pm to Parker Center (LAPD HQ) for a rally
from approx. 2:45-3:45, and then march to Staples Center, for a closing
convergence around 5:00 PM. Noon -2:00 Pershing Square; march to Parker
Center 2:45-3:45 Parker Center; march to Staples Center 4:45-5:15
closing convergence at Staples Center. Additional vigils to be announced
Michael Novick, People Against Racist Terror part2001@usa.net

Thursday August 17 6pm
The Voice of the People Don't Stop -- Candlelight Convergence at the
DNC! Bring your drums, your pots and pans, your whistles, your horns,
your bannars, your signs, your puppets, your flags, a candle or a
flashlight! Bring your friends and family to send out message loud and
clear during Gore's acceptance speech that the "Voice of the People
Don't Stop!" Staples Center, 11th and Figueroa St. 323-860-6554

Thursday August 17 2-4pm
U.S. Navy out of Vieques-Puerto Rico Now! The Puerto Rican Alliance of
Los Angeles invites everyone to join our Peace and Justice Rally & March
to demand an end to the U.S. Navy's occupation of Vieques -Puerto Rico
Now! We will meet at the downtown Federal Building(300 N. Los Angeles
Ave.& Temple) at 2:00pm, where we plan to have a demonstration and then
peaceful march with banners, drums, puppets, and picket signs to the
Staple's Center. After 70 years of bombings and military exercises that
have brought environmental degradation, the highest cancer rate in all
of Puerto Rico, and economic hardship, we stand united with all of the
people of Vieques: "!Basta Ya! Ni una bomba mas" (Enough... Not one more
bomb!) Ernesto J. Vigoreaux pr.alliance@puertorico.com (310) 289-0316
Ivan Camilli Rivera pr.alliance@puertorico.com (818) 240-1162

Thursday August 17 4pm --
Rally to Stop Sweatshops, For a Living Wage, Immigrant Rights and Global
Economic Justice Sponsored by California Students Against Sweatshops,
Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, El Rescate,Global
Exchange,Mobilization for the Human Family, Southern California Fair
Trade Network, Sweatshop Watch. A peaceful, legal rally and march from
the garment district to the Staples Center, where we will join a vigil
during Gore's acceptance speech. 8th and Santee to Staples Center So Cal
Fair Trade Network,Sweatshop Watch sweatwatch@igc.org 323-281-0033
Mobilization for the Human Family 909-625-8722 www.sweatshopwatch.org

Saturday August 26 9am-5pm
National Chicano Moratorium The 30th commemoration of the Chicano
Moratorium to protest the unjust conditions that La Raza live in and
protest U.S. intervention in Latin America! East Los CalifAztlan from
Belvedere Park to Salazar Park Jaime Cruz ncmc2000@hotmail.com
323-261-2286 La Raza Unida Party pnlru@hotmail.com 818-365-6534

Atlanta GA
Georgia Calendar and Resources www.more-noise.org


Monday September 11 -Wednesday September 13
Oppose the World Economic Forum A mass non-voilent direct action is
being planned around the World Economic Forum in Melbourne, three days
before the Sydney Olympics. Crown Casino Melbourne Australia
worldforum2000@yahoo.com www.s11.org


Thursday July 20 -Sunday July 30
Power to the People Roadshow - Democracy Action Tour The Power to the
People Roadshow - Democracy Action Tour will be a ten-day tour
throughout California, from San Diego to Sacramento to educate, inspire
and mobilize young people to head to Los Angeles to expose the hypocrisy
of the Democratic National Convention. from San Diego to Sacramento Alli
Starr rblgrrrl@hotmail.com www.artandrevolution.org/roadshow/

Cross Country

Monday July 10 -Monday August 14
The actions in Seattle and DC announced the emergence of an energized,
diverse and well-organized political culture; this summer will see this
new political energy growing as we take the show on the road across
America. all over the country Rachel Neumann democracycaravan@yahoo.com

Czech Republic

Friday September 22 -Thursday September 28
Anti-IMF Mobilisation The IMF next meets in Prague in September for a
week. We aim to bring the events of Seattle and Washington to Prague.
There should be thousands of European leftists, NGOs and trade
unionists. Join us! Prague Czech Republic prague@destroyimf.org

London UK

Monday August 7 12:00
A Die-in for the People of Iraq To confront the Foreign Office. A mass
NONVIOLENT act of civil disobedience to mark the 10th anniversary of the
imposition of sanctions against Iraq. Meet Trafalgar Square, London.
voices@viwuk.freeserve.co.uk 0044 01865 243 232

New Mexico

Wednesday August 9 11am
Shut Down Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory Help continue to work for the
abolition of nuclear weapons. Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), the
belly of the nuclear beast, needs to be shut down. Last year more than
70 people committed civil disobedience and were arrested on LANL
property. This year we need to build this precedent. The recent fires
that swept through Los Alamos took radioactive material into the
atmosphere. SHUT THIS LEGACY DOWN! This year on August 9th, the 55th
anniversary of the destruction of Nagasaki, there will be many more
protesters at Ashley Pond in Los Alamos bringing even greater pressure
to end the production of these illegal nuclear weapons of mass
destruction. We are dedicated to ending the Nuclear Age. JOIN US and
many hundreds of other people standing with New Mexico communities who
suffer the consequences of nuclear weapons production. Peggy prince
lanlaction@aol.com 505.989.4812

New York City

Sundays 5pm
Direct Action Network (DAN) Meetings Everyone is welcome to attend.
CHARAS/El Bohio Community Center 605 East 9th Street, between Aves B and
C Brooke Lehman brooke@igc.org www.directactionnetwork.org

Sundays 1-5pm
Puppet Making for More Gardens! and a16 Come make puppets and find out
what's going on. Umbrella House: 21 Ave C between 2nd and 3rd street, F
train - 1st Avenue aresh aj9@is3.nyu.edu


Saturday August 5 5pm
Noche de resistencia y rebeldia Cultural/Political event as kickoff for
DNC and Chicano Moratorium. Hubert Humphrey Park, corner of Filmore and
Dronfield La Raza Unida pnlru@hotmail.com (818) 365-6534 National
Chicano Moratorium Committee ncmc2000@hotmail.com (213) 480-0047


Sunday July 30
Take Back Democracy From the Corporations - Republican National
Convention Protest the Republican National Convention in Philly. Send
the no more business as usual message to the corporate elite.

Sacramento, CA

Thursday August 3 6-8pm
Sacramento Activists for Democratic Trade Organizing Meeting Information
on the Democratic National Convention protests in Sacramento and Los
Angeles. Inform yourself, make signs, network for car pools, do core
organizing - join us. Place - McKinley Park, behind tennis courts (Park
on Alhambra btwn. H and C). Heidi (916) 456-9435

Santa Barbara

Wednesday July 26 6-10pm
Ruckus Democracy Action Tour The next stop on the Ruckus Road Tour after
L.A. Pot-luck; art, legal, jail solidarity, and nonviolent direct action
trainings; contact folks who are going to the protest in Santa Barbara.
Casa De La Raza 601 E. Montecito St. Santa Barbara, CA Brian Helmle
bhelmle@earthlink.net Deb Lagutaris schoolnut@earthlink.net

Thursday July 27 7-9pm
Teach-In at UCSB Multicultural Center UCSB-DNC will present educational
info to high school and college students who may be wondering why we are
going to Los Angeles to protest, and tell their own stories about
Seattle, DC, and what they expect in LA. UCSB Multicultural Center, at
the UCEN. On the east side of campus. Free parking after 5:00PM. Sarah
Sharpe or Brian Helmle or Deb Lagutaris ucsbdnc@hotmail.com (805)
570-7967 communities.msn.com/SantaBarbaraD2kCoalition

Pacific Northwest Direct Action Network List serve:
a16seattle@egroups.com Hotline: 202-736-0757

St. Louis, Missouri

Friday August 18 9am-10pm
Mobilization for Safe Food and Family Farms: Stop the Corporate Takeover
A regional mobilization of Missouri farmers and activists around the
country in support of family farms and organic farming instead of
corporate consolidation over a food supply of genetically engineered
crops. Join us along with puppets, speakers and the Organic missouri
blueberry cornmeal muffin giveaway! 9:00 teach in, Gateway Green Center,
6101 Delmar Ave. Saint Louis 12:00 rally at Monsanto headquarters in St.
Louis 2:30 rally at Senator Kit Bond╠s office, Bonhomme & Hanley,
Clayton Au18 c/o Confluence, POB 63232, St. Louis, MO 6316
morage!@unbounded.com (314) 721-3192 www.missouri.edu/~ldd0aa


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