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Fri, 28 Jul 2000 17:28:06 -0700 (PDT)

FWD from United for a Fair Economy {UFE)

Wed, 26 July 2000
From: Dara Silverman <dsilverman@ufenet.org>

Join UFE at the Republican Convention!!

Calendar for the Republican National Convention


If you're going to Philadelphia and want to get involved with what UFE is
doing there, contact us!

 **Workshops - Dara Silverman, 617-480-2454
  Participate in Globalization for Beginners, the Racial Wealth Gap, and more!

 ** Billionaires for Bush (Or Gore)'s Million Billionaire March - Andrew
Boyd, 646-391-1055
  March with us in your Billionaire costume!

 ** Shadow Conventions - Contact the office at 215-898-0061
  Come hear the REAL debate not included in the conventions!

 **Creative performances at the Shadow Conventions - Jenny Levison,
  Experienced performers needed!

 For general information on the convention protests, contact Unity2000 at
 For details, see the calendar below.

 Shadow Conventions:

 United for a Fair Economy is one of six national convening organizations
for the "Shadow Conventions: A Citizens Intervention in American Politics."
 During the conventions, at alternative sites, these groups will be hosting
educational forums, workshops and entertainment on the themes of growing
inequality, campaign finance reform and America's failed drug war.  On
Wednesday, August 2nd, we are inviting UFE supporters to attend our day on
"poverty and inequality" with plenary sessions from 10 until 2, workshops
in the afternoon and a rally with great national speakers, Cheri Honkala,
Jim Wallis, Eugene Rivers, and Robert Reich  from 6 to 8 PM.  See the
shadow convention website for up to date programming

 People can get tickets for the Philadelphia Shadow Convention through the
web site (www.shadowconventions.com) or by calling 215-898-0061 or
215-898-6465 (voice mail)

 Billionaires for Bush (or Gore):

 With the presidential campaign in full swing, a bipartisan coalition of
super-rich donors is coming together to celebrate the victory of their
agenda at the Republican and Democratic conventions this summer. Although
the ballots are not cast until November, the Billionaires have already
determined both candidates' platforms. To celebrate their influence,
Billionaires for Bush (Or Gore) plan to make a splash at the Republican
convention in Philadelphia.  Billionaires for Bush (Or Gore) is a
non-partisan spoof created by United for a Fair Economy to draw attention
to the connection between the campaign finance system and growing
inequality.  See www.billionairesforbushorgore.com for more information.

 Trainings Locations:

 You can attend one of our popular education workshops at the following

 Training Center:
 CEC (Community Education Center)  3500 Lancaster Ave (35th St) West
 The Killtime (3854 Lancaster Ave.) will hold trainings from 10:00 AM until
6:00 PM every day during the convergence.
 The Fakehouse (3868 Lancaster Ave.) will hold trainings from 10:00 AM
until 5:00 PM every day during the convergence.

 Shadow Conventions:
 The Annenberg Center at the University of Pennsylvania
 3680 Walnut Street (corner of 37th & Walnut Streets)

 Convergance Center:
 William Way Center - 1315 Spruce Street

 Calendar of UFE and other Events:  

 Thursday July 27th
 Training: 10-12 noon -- at Convergence: Growing Divide Workshop
facilitated by Lenie Schaarman and Dara Silverman

 Friday July 28th
 Training: 10-12 noon --at Convergence: GLOBALIZATION FOR BEGINNERS
facilitated by Sue Ellen Klein and Dara Silverman
 Training: 7-9pm -- at Convergence: RACIAL WEALTH GAP facilitated by Dara
Silverman, Vanessa Lowe, and Kate Pham

 Saturday July 29th
 Training: 10-12 noon -- Convergence Center: GLOBALIZATIÓN PARA
PRINCIPIANTES facilitated by Annette Ramos and Liza Goldman-Huertas  
 In the Street: 10-4pm -- March: Ad Hoc Coalition to Defend Health Care March

 Sunday, July 30th
 Creative Action: Million Billionaire March in the Unity2000 March
(Permitted Rally)
 9:30am -- Meet to march as a UFE/Billionaires group at 29th and Market St.
(the river side of 29th)
 10:00 am -- Billionaires Pep-rally
 10:30-12:00 noon -- March as a Contingent of Unity 2000
 1:30pm -- Perform on Main Stage
 Shadow Convention:  Kick-off

 Monday July 31st
 In the Streets:  11am -- Kensington Rights Welfare Union march
(un-permitted) - Meet at City Hall (Market and Broad St.)
 Creative Action: Billionaires for Bush (or Gore) Vigil for Corporate
Welfare -- Candelabra Vigil (to support the Kensington Welfare Rights Union
and Poor Peoples Campaign March)
 11:00 am -- Meet at City Hall-- Market and Broad St.
 12:05 to 12:15 PM -- Billionaires Protest Campaign Finance Reform at
Shadow Convention (Contact Jenny Levison for more information)
 Shadow Convention: Campaign Finance Reform

 Tuesday August 1
 In the Streets: Focus on the Prison Industrial Complex
 Shadow Convention: Failed War on Drugs
 Creative Action: Billionaires Appearances around the city --  (Meeting
time and place TBA)

 Wednesday August 2
 In the Streets: Multi-Issue Day
 Shadow Convention: Poverty and Economic Inequality
 1:15pm -- Drill Team
 2-6pm -- Trainings including GLOBALIZATION FOR BEGINNERS and THE GROWING
 7-8pm -- Billionaires Fight Back!!
 9:30-9:45 PM -- Coronation Party -- We will crown our two-headed BushGore
candidate before Jello Biafra's performance at the Lost Film Festival.
 Meet at The Plays & Player Theater, 1714 Delancey Pl. (To coincide with
Bush's nomination)

 Please contact me if you want more information.
 Dara Silverman
 National Organizer
 United for a Fair Economy
 37 Temple Pl. 2nd Fl.
 Boston MA 02111
 617-423-2148 x26 (work)
 617-480-2454 (on the road)

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