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>>[added James, Kip, Sarah]
>>(Joanne) Big thanks for Lehrer News Hour for solid favorable coverage that
>>shows Lakey training and paints a picture of well trained 
>>disciplined activists
>>committed to nonviolence up against essentially out of control 
>>cops.  Shows COP
>>(chief of police) on the defensive.  Could not ask for better media at this
>>point.  The hanging question now is 'looks like the demonstrators are doing
>>something about keeping it chill, can the police?' We see activists 
>>training in
>>communication skills, then we see some footage of police training 
>>with batons.
>>transcript and real audio segment
>>the transcript doesn't really do it justice but the audio's there.
>>'cbs evening news' aired none of what they shot, come to think of 
>>it those guys
>>didn't actually have cbs credentials visible - huh...
>>(btw local tv 3 news here cbs affiliate is a bad bad joke - 3 minutes of
>>interviews with people that were selected because 'they didn't even know the
>>convention was happening here' wow - look at the uninformed apathetic normal
>>looking people - it must be normal to be apathetic - and another 4 minutes on
>>Survivor - the latest in dirt cheap TV - it's a contest so no union wages for
>>actors, and no script so no writers - not a lot of nonviolent conflict res
>>going on there)
>>Tent city was set up this afternoon in Germantown setion, see
>>http://www.phillyimc.org/  also a report that homeless families 
>>were threatened
>>with arrest and evicted - not confirmed.  Support for the tent city action is
>>from KWRU Kensington Welfare Rights Union www.kwru.org - also organizing
>>homeless awareness march that has no permit.
>>Saw an incredibly empowering movie tonite - Phila premiere of 'Steal This
>>about the life and times of 60's activist Abbie Hoffman.  stars Vincent
>>D'Onofrio and Janeane Garofalo - shows pentagon levitate action, chicago DNC
>>68, chicago 7 court actions, abbie's descent and challenges with manic
>>depression, and later success with river defense.  Very great - see 
>>it! Show it
>>to your students!
>>getting to be ACTION time - here's what's up:
>>Billionaires For Bush in Unity 2000 march - 9.30AM Sunday @ 29th St. and JFK,
>>bring (monopoly) cash to light cigars! - UNITY 2000 March ends at Art Museum
>>Area - noon ceremony with Tibetan monks  www.unity2000.com
>>Heckle John McCain, Shadow Convention, 11AM Sunday @ Annenberg Center 3680
>>Walnut  - protest relocation of Dineh Families from Black Mesa (Big Mountain)
>>Candelabra vigil support KWRU, 11AM Monday @ City Hall (misprint maybe PM)
>>How DARE they? Economic Injustice and Reproductive Freedom - film 
>>and speakers,
>>Monday 7pm - 9.30pm @ Friends Center, 1501 Cherry (AFSC Women's program)
>>Billionaires' Rampage - Tuesday- all day
>>* auction advertising space on liberty bell
>>* levitate Federal Reserve building to raise interest rates
>>* corporate Fen Shui for new stadium (planned-unwanted- in 
>>Chinatown district)
>>Bush Coronation Ceremony - Wednesday 9.30-9.45pm @ Plays & Players 
>>1714 Delancy
>>Pl. with Jello Biafra
>>www.ufenet.org (United for a Fair Economy)
>>Women's Day of Action - 'reproductive rights under attack' - Wednesday -
>>planning & training saturday 9.30am - 10.30am - contact wrag@chickmail.com
>>Free Mumia actions Aug 3 (? more later)
>>i want to write some stuff about what the trainers here are 
>>experiencing in the
>>workshops that are best described as cultural collisions, especially the
>>mainstream of young activists (forest defense, globalization, 
>>sweatshops, food
>>not bombers, anarchists) and the marginal old (pardon me) activists (civil
>>rights, vietnam, S. Africa, central america).  We can learn lots from each
>>other and we need to put down the age-ism.  Also around the 
>>'non-violence' and
>>'ghandi' types and the 'progress by any means necessary' folks. 
>>There is also
>>some subcurrents of paranoia that are disempowering and annoying - but that's
>>enough for now 'cause I'm tired and not real clear... - I've got 
>>workshop stuff
>>to bring it up I can share- {chris, jen, jane, LA trainers - let's 
>>keep working
>>on this stuff in LA} also LA we hear that CD/DA/NV trainers are 
>>needed in LA is
>>that so?  there are california and west coast trainers possibly 
>>available with
>>Alternatives to Violence Project experience I can let know if your needing
>>favorite thing to say to media so far (caught off guard in a 
>>hyperbolic mood):
>>"this is 4th of july stuff, the boston tea party was direct action involving
>>property destruction, we are what america is about'
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