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>Pepper Spray Guns Eyed for DNC Cops
>By TOM VERDIN, Associated Press Writer
>LOS ANGELES (AP) - Police dealing with protesters at the Democratic 
>National Convention may be armed with paintball guns that shoot 
>balls filled with pepper spray.
>The balls, as big around as a nickel, would be used only against 
>protesters who are violent or destroying property, a police 
>spokesman said. He said the Police Department had ordered the guns 
>but no decision had been reached on whether they would be deployed 
>during the Aug. 14-17 convention.
>Paintball is a war game in which players use high-powered air guns, 
>firing capsules filled with water-based paint. Instead of paint, the 
>police would use the pepper spray.
>Pepper spray canisters are standard issue, but using the guns would 
>allow police to hit from a distance, Sgt. John Pasquariello said 
>Monday. ``It's a very accurate weapon ... so you can pinpoint 
>people, and then an arrest team would move in,'' he said.
>Using the guns would be important, he said, ``because we are 
>certainly outnumbered in a mass demonstration situation and we need 
>tools that can control a large number of people without hurting 
>Balls fired from a stock paintgun travel about 240 feet per second, 
>leaving a welt when they strike someone's skin, said Matt Boggs, a 
>gun technician at I&I Sports in Carson, which sells paintball 
>Participants playing at licensed paintball fields are required to 
>wear face and eye protection, he said.
>Police are aware of the injury risk, but officers who use non-lethal 
>weapons, such as beanbag-firing shotguns, are trained to fire at a 
>person's torso and avoid his head, Pasquariello said.
>Protest organizers criticized potential use of the paintball guns, 
>saying the weapons could inflame a crowd rather than quiet it.
>``Police tactics can seriously escalate situations that don't need 
>to be escalated, and that's why everybody is calling on them to use 
>restraint,'' said Lisa Fithian of Direct Action Network, an advocacy 
>group formed during the World Trade Organization protests last year 
>in Seattle.

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