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>>July 21, 2000
>>Taking to the Streets to Face Off with the
>>Republican and Democratic Conventions
>>By Carl Dix <carldix@hotmail.com>
>>	Both the Republican and Democratic parties'
>>presidential nominating conventions are coming up, and many
>>people are trying to figure out which candidate they should
>>back. A lot of other people are taking a different approach
>>to the major parties' political campaigns. Rather than
>>deciding whether they should pull the lever for the elephant
>>or the jackass, they're coming to Philadelphia during the
>>Republican convention and LA during the Democratic
>>convention to protest. People are going to be in the streets
>>opposing global corporate greed, calling for freedom for
>>Mumia Abu Jamal and an end to the death penalty, calling out
>>how the authorities are putting the squeeze on the poor and
>>more. This is what people need to be doing right now --
>>taking to the streets forging a movement that can take on
>>the attacks coming down on the people and the global
>>capitalist system that's responsible for those attacks. Not
>>supporting one or the other political party that fronts for
>>that system.
>>	A t-shirt being sold in Philadelphia concentrates an
>>important part of the program of both the democratic and
>>republican parties. It features a picture of the televised
>>beat down of a Black man by Philly police under the words,
>>"Republic National Convention Welcoming Committee." If you
>>want another picture try the one of a grinning Governor
>>Whitman of New Jersey (NJ) patting down an innocent Black
>>man who was a victim of double racial profiling -- first by
>>the NJ state police and then by a governor in search of a
>>photo-op. If you can stomach one more such image, try the
>>police scandal in L.A., with cops snitching on each other
>>about how they brutalize and kill people and railroad
>>innocent people to jail. A key part of the programs of both
>>major political parties can be summed up in three words --
>>pigs, prisons and punishment.
>>	The video tape of Philly cops beating a Black man is
>>completely in line with the history of the pig department in
>>that city. After all this is the police department of Frank
>>Rizzo who sicc'ed dogs on Black school children as they
>>peacefully protested and forced Black Panthers to strip
>>naked in the streets. And it was Philly cops who beat
>>Delbert Africa again in front of TV cameras in 1978 as he
>>surrendered after the first assault on the MOVE
>>organization. In 1985, Philly cops, under orders from then
>>Mayor Wilson Goode and with help from the FBI, dropped a
>>bomb on an occupied house in the Black community, murdering
>>11 MOVE members, five of them children. Philly police were
>>involved in railroading Mumia Abu-Jamal to Pennsylvania's
>>death row thru bribing and intimidating witnesses to falsely
>>accuse him of the murder of a cop and hiding evidence
>>favorable to his defense. This same police department was
>>caught framing up hundreds of innocent people and sending
>>them to jail in the 1980's and '90's. Philly cops stole the
>>lives of Moises DeJesus, Dontae Dawson, Anthony DiDonato,
>>and countless other victims of police murder in the 1990's. 
>>This is the real Philadelphia story, and the televised beat
>>down is only the latest chapter.
>>	A quick look at the candidates will show that this
>>beat down is a fitting image for this election. On one side
>>you have George W. "Baby Doc" Bush who has campaigned for
>>president like he was running for chief executioner. This
>>"compassionate conservative" has declared that all of the
>>135+ people executed in Texas since he became governor were
>>guilty and deserved to be killed by the state. This included
>>Shaka Sankofa (Gary Graham) whose court appointed lawyer
>>refused to put on the witness stand two eyewitnesses who
>>swore that Sankofa wasn't the man who shot Bobby Lambert
>>that night. He also didn't introduce evidence that proved
>>that the gun Sankofa had when he was arrested wasn't the
>>murder weapon. Sankofa's case isn't the exception. It's the
>>norm. Most of the 3,000 plus people on death row are Black
>>or Latino. Almost all of them are poor and couldn't afford
>>adequate defense lawyers. with Bush as the nominee and
>>Governor Ridge of Pennsylvania, who has signed one death
>>warrant for Mumia and is itching to sign another one,
>>hosting the Republican convention, you could call it an
>>executioners' ball.
>>	As for Al Gore, he's declared that he wants to be
>>the law and order president. He brags that he was part of
>>the administration that put 100,000 more cops out on the
>>streets. He could also brag about the repressive legislation
>>that was passed on his watch. Now he's pledging to hire
>>thousands more prosecutors nationwide to use that repressive
>>legislation to put more people in jail for longer sentences.
>>When asked about the execution of Sankofa, this candidate of
>>the party we're told is the lesser of two evils would only
>>say, "I'm a strong supporter of the death penalty."
>>	This should come as no surprise. A lot of people say
>>that both the democrats and republicans are in the pockets
>>of the rich. But it's even worse than that. These elections
>>are a sham and a trap. They tell us that the elections are
>>where the direction of the country for the next four years
>>is going to be decided. Nothing could be further from the
>>truth. The capitalist class that rules over us uses their
>>elections to set the limits of allowable debate. And they
>>use elections to suck people into endorsing the policies
>>they're going to bring down on us and choosing which
>>representative of the capitalists' interests is going to
>>preside over the carrying out of those policies.
>>	That's why I've said for quite some time that their
>>elections are a no win road. And that if you're serious
>>about fundamentally changing things in this country and the
>>world, it's going to come down to revolutionary war. I know
>>there are those who say that talk of revolution isn't
>>realistic. I say what's really unrealistic is thinking we
>>can do anything good for the people by getting sucked into
>>the capitalists' election shell game.
>>	Look at what's going down in the country and the
>>world today. The cops are being given a green light to
>>brutalize and kill, repressive legislation is being enacted,
>>poor people are being warehoused in prison and on death rows
>>across the country, a woman's right to have an abortion is
>>under assault, the government is moving to suppress dissent.
>>Capitalism's global chase after profits is forcing millions
>>world wide to slave for pennies a day to make some rich man
>>even richer and forcing millions more to starve. If you hate
>>all this and more, then you need to be one of the people in
>>the streets in Philly and LA during the conventions
>>expressing your rage. And you need to stay in the streets
>>beyond that, building resistance to these and other outrages
>>this system brings down and forging the kind of movement we
>>need to take all this on, a revolutionary movement.
>>Carl Dix is a long time fighter against police brutality. 
>>And he has a bigger agenda. He's a revolutionary activist
>>who called out the bombing of the MOVE house in 1985 and has
>>a long history of taking on the lie that the oppressed have
>>anything to gain from participating in the system's
>>elections. He's a national spokesperson of the Revolutionary
>>Communist Party. Carl is also a co-founder of the October
>>22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the
>>Criminalization of a Generation.
>>Contact: P.O. Box 400381, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11240, 212-713-5084
>>or by e-mail <carldix@hotmail.com>.
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