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>They Plan For Profits, MAC Plans for People
>Mission Anti-Displacement Coalition Shuts Down Planning Department
>Building upon a wave of anti-eviction organizing, the Mission 
>Anti-Displacement Coalition, (MAC) took to the streets and, on July 
>13th, the Planning Commission's chambers to advance a plan of action 
>against displacement. Fueled by community outrage at the 
>disappearance of families and small businesses during the City's 
>worst housing crisis ever, the rally and march was San Francisco's 
>largest such housing action in at least twenty years.
>The rally tailed another large event two weeks before, when 
>community members presented the Planning Department with an interim 
>plan to ease gentrification in San Francisco. Planning Department 
>Director Gerald Green responded that he did not support community 
>demands for a moratorium on market rate housing nor dot.com office 
>space; but gave vague approval to the idea of a "community planning" 
>process for future development. 
>By the end of the rally, the crowd split -  some community members 
>proceeded to the Planning Commission meeting while others marched on 
>towards the Planning Department. Led by the youth of the community 
>organizing group PODER, the throng was met by locked doors at the 
>Planning Department's Mission St. offices.
>"We came here to shut the Planning Department down for their lack of 
>responsible planning, and we would like to thank them for shutting 
>themselves down." MAC member Lillian Boctor explained.
>The demonstrators left before any arrests were made, marched back to 
>City Hall, and rejoined other MAC members at the commission meeting.
>The Planning Commission and the Planning Department are the city 
>agencies responsible for reviewing every construction project in San 
>Francisco. It has approved almost every single plan for development 
>of market-rate housing and office space, even when it was clear that 
>such plans were destined to displace residents. The proliferation of 
>live/work (Yuppie) lofts in San Francisco has effectively eliminated 
>both affordable housing and blue-collar jobs. The Planning 
>Commission admits that projects in the works could wind up 
>eliminating 23,000 jobs in the South of Market area alone. Still, 
>this has not deterred them from routinely approving such projects.
>The issue of office space dedicated to computer firms is equally 
>crucial. According to statistics compiled the Urban Habitat Center, 
>the city builds one affordable housing unit for every nine high 
>paying job it attracts. This pits rich against poor in a exceedingly 
>tight housing market.
>At a recent Board of Supervisors meeting, the Board rubber-stamped 
>plans for the Bryant Square Project. Bryant Square is a giant 
>development in the heart of the Mission's Latino community.  Most of 
>the commissioners admitted that the project would displace 
>residents. The Board approved it anyway.
>The action was also one of the few S.F. housing rallies in recent 
>memory that was ethnically diverse, thanks to the efforts of PODER 
>and the Mission Agenda. "We have had enough of displacement in our 
>neighborhood, we've had enough of evictions in our neighborhood." 
>said Oscar Grande of PODER as he held a placard behind his head that 
>read: "They Plan For Profits, We Plan For People."
>Although many MAC coalition members felt that the Planning 
>Commission slighted their demands, they did leave with a commitment 
>for a hearing to discuss a market-rate-housing moratorium in late 
>August. Ironically, such a moratorium would be unnecessary if the 
>Planning Commission adhered to its own rules to disapprove 
>development which displaces current residents.
>To get involved with the Mission Anti-Displacement Coalition, call 
>(415) 436-9707 or (415) 431-4210.

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