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>"Tenderloin" [noun]: (1) a market for rental of body parts; (2) a 
>scrap heap for incomplete persons, armless, voiceless, aimless, 
>legless, hopeless, spineless, sometimes heartless and sometimes 
>hoping to play duet and trios raggedly on mismatched weaknesses and 
>strengths, plus bottoming for minus, minus topping plus, blind 
>hearing for deaf, wheelies seeing for blind -- a junkaphonic 
>kaleidocrash such that while we still breath, so may even such as we 
>yet dare to dream? yet dare to love? yet dare to snatch at every 
>splinter, **reach down for every cotton**, jump on every dim shadow 
>of a chance in a lottery for a hope of a taste of life before 
>death???? or die trying?
>- Anonymous -
>**note: the words between the asterisks were struck through with a 
>pen by the author. I felt the words, and the author's edit, were 
>central to the poem's message.

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