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>Join thousands of concerned people in Philadelphia and Los Angeles 
>to let both the Republican and Democratic Parties know that business 
>cannot continue as usual. We will come from every corner of the 
>world united in our demand for a total change of priorities from the 
>production of things to the caring for people and the environment. 
>Join us in a series of marches, nonviolent direct actions and events 
>leading up to and during the Republican National Convention in 
>Philadelphia, July 31- August 3 and the Democratic National 
>Convention in L. A., August 14-17.
>We will celebrate and renew our resistance to: corporate 
>globalization, militarism, poverty, starvation, campaign finance 
>corruption, sexism, racism, homo/trans-phobia, criminalization of 
>youth, environmental destruction, prison industrial complex, 
>genocide, undermining of organizing labor, ageism, welfare reform, 
>persecution and deportation of immigrants, lack of decent and 
>affordable healthcare, undermining of small family farms, 
>disintegration of public education, law enforcement corruption, 
>brutality and state sanctioned murder, corporate controlled media, 
>exploitation of the disabled and all forms of oppression that divide 
>people throughout the world.
>The gap between the rich and those near or below the poverty line 
>widens every day. Fewer and fewer corporations and the ruling elite 
>are controlling more and more of the wealth, the media and the 
>political process. Both the Democrats and the Republicans, 
>controlled by corporate dollars, make the way for global 
>exploitation by the multinationals. Politicians in both parties are 
>more interested in serving special interests than in addressing the 
>needs and wants of the people they are supposed to represent.
>For the rest of us, the dollar buys less than it did twenty years 
>ago, we have less time with our loved ones, and the social safety 
>net has been pulled out from under millions of us. Our health, 
>healthcare, and education are a shambles and teachers, caregivers 
>and service workers are underpaid. Insurance companies make billions 
>out of people's misery and corporations are starting to control our 
>schools. Housing and transportation are not affordable or accessible 
>and rarely meet the needs of those who need it most, particularly 
>those who are disabled. Homelessness is a major problem that 
>continues to grow.
>Everyday our communities and youth are criminalized. Racial 
>profiling is rampant. The U.S. has the largest prison population in 
>the world where women of color - 80% of whom are mothers - are the 
>fastest growing population. The Three Strikes laws in several states 
>feeds the prison industry and the death penalty disproportionately 
>kills Black and other men of color. Immigrant communities are under 
>attack and amnesty and benefits are not available to most. While 
>hate crimes are on the rise, police continue to harass communities 
>of color and the gay community. Those who want or need treatment for 
>substance abuse are criminalized instead.
>Women lack pay equity and their unwaged work is not valued. Finding 
>quality childcare is a challenge and those who care for our children 
>receive wages that are insulting, or no wages at all. Mothers on 
>welfare are being penalized and told that raising their own children 
>is not work. Instead of prioritizing care for our children, the 
>brutal demands of the global market have meant less time with them. 
>Older people, who could be enjoying a well-earned retirement, are 
>forced to decide between medicines and food - most cannot afford 
>prescriptions or alternative treatments. HIV-positive people need 
>full access to treatments and care of their choice. We need 
>universal healthcare and not a healthcare and medical research 
>industry whose commitment is to profits.
>Technology has leapt ahead, leaving most of us behind, and rather 
>than reducing our burden of work, people are working harder. While 
>the economy is supposed to be booming, the majority of people are 
>making less. Labor unions are under attack, jobs are being 
>privatized, and workers who try to organize face ferocious 
>opposition. Although the right to organize a union exists, 
>harassment and intimidation is still rampant.
>Indigenous peoples from Chiapas, Mexico, to the U'wa in Colombia, to 
>the Dineh people in Arizona, to Bolivia, villages and pueblos 
>throughout the world are under attack. Africa, Latin America and the 
>Caribbean, Asia and other countries of the Global South are 
>suffocating under structural adjustment policies, third world debt, 
>and U.S. intervention under the guise of the 'war on drugs'.
>Women and children are carrying the greatest burden of the so-called 
>'Third-World debt'. Reparations for slavery and theft of indigenous 
>lands have never been paid. Through its politically-motivated 
>economic embargoes, the US has caused the hunger and suffering of 
>millions. Military rape and mayhem have devastated entire countries, 
>most recently in Eastern Europe.
>Instead of sustainable farming, we face an onslaught of genetically 
>modified foods and damage from pesticides as mega-corporations take 
>over the international food supply. Instead of showing respect for 
>our environment, those in power have brought us to the brink of an 
>environmental disaster. We are all under threat. None of us is 
>Instead of building positive international collaboration, 
>governments bypass local communities and hire "professionals" to be 
>used against the rest of us - imposing their corporate solutions. 
>Worsening economic realities are matched by increased military 
>spending, militarization and the pouring of billions into the 
>coffers of the arms merchants. Escalating racial, ethnic, gender and 
>religious hatreds are fanned by an economy that glorifies the global 
>It is the U.S. political leaders, and their corporate sponsors, 
>controlling the IMF, the World Bank, and the WTO who must be held 
>accountable for this global suffering and environmental devastation.
>No More Business As Usual!
>In Los Angeles, we are powerful in our diversity and united in our 
>commitment. We celebrate our differences and are working to cross 
>the divisions among us. We are building a broad progressive movement 
>that makes a way for all who are suffering to take action on their 
>own behalf. We will raise our concerns, speak with a unified voice 
>and demand a total change. People must come before profit.
>This is the beginning of the politics of the new millennium.
>Join us in our call to put an end to poverty, hunger, militarism and 
>the destruction of the environment.
>Join us in our call for economic, social, gender and racial justice.
>Join us in our call for peace and freedom.
>Join us as we march for our lives, our future and for the generations to come.
>Join us to make history in Philadelphia and in Los Angeles.
>This text is from the website of the Mobilization to Protest the 
>Democratic National Convention. To learn more, and to join the us in 
>the struggle for all our lives, contact:

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