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 We'll Boil in Bush's Oil
 by Tony Hearn
 What pains me about George W. Bush probably becoming president is that
he really is a dumb shit. He is the point man for big oil and now Dick
Cheney, the CEO of Halliburton, the world's oil equipment giant, will be
up there at his side, giving him instructions from the Texas oil cartel.
This pair and their buddies could very well bring on Armageddon!
 It also pains me to see him on TV strutting around his new 1,600 acre
farm up near Waco. What the hell does he know about soil except that oil
is found beneath it? He hasn't the faintest idea of how agri-business
with all its petroleum based toxic chemicals is raping the soil and
bringing on global malnutrition disguised as the "provision of plenty."
 I have become convinced that the world is going to hell because human
beings have lost any last remnant of
reverence for our habitat: nature. All we care about is using it to
enhance our own position of power over other creatures, while letting
the devil take even the hindmost of our own kind. And George, et al,
will exploit every opportunity to accelerate this abuse of
the earth (and outer space for that matter) so that his good buddies
(one of which I am proudly and definitely not) can have more and more
and more of the good life as they define it at the expense of every
other creature in the world and beyond.
 George W. Bush is one of those
privileged individuals who lacks the capacity to visualize himself as
anything other than the center of the cosmos. Yet, because he has a deep
sense of inferiority, he wouldn't dare go it alone as a
Napoleonic type. He has to do what he does within a group with his best
buddies. Hence the need for Don Evans, his best pal, and his dad's
friends, like Dick Cheney, and advisors like old Henry Kissinger. Add to
this his servants, his
gaggle of ubiquitous aides upon whom he must relentlessly lean for
intellectual skills to accomplish his schemes.
 While it is true that George W. Bush has had some sort of
experience with Christ, like his Ivy League studies, it has given him a
very shallow veneer of wisdom, a very dangerously thin layer of
 George W. Bush, as he rules from the Oval Office, will take all of us
upon this pain-racked planet down the
path of petroleum profiteering from which only he and his friends will
extract their passing pleasures. Everyone else will pay the bill, that
is, if we're not annihilated as he blunders along. Hundreds upon
hundreds of thousands will
die from his adventures in foreign oil exploitations and manipulations,
dwarfing his father's
lovely little war with Iraq. Millions upon millions will perish from his
of vision that there is any other lifestyle than that based upon the
fossil fuels with which he is so intoxicated.
 The closest parallel of presidential incompetence which George W. Bush
will demonstrate to the world is that of Warren G. Harding, the 29th
president of the United States, another lightweight elevated to our
nation's highest office by self-serving Republican bosses. Once he got
to the White House, Harding was so lacking in intellect he had to ask
his secretary to tell him what he should do everyday. Harding gave
America the Teapot Dome oil scandals. What will Bush and Dick Cheney
give us? The Teapot Dome scandals will be child's play contrasted to the
insider dealings, sheer high-level thievery, and international oil
intrigues which America and the world will suffer under George W. Bush.
It is still not too late, America! Wake up! Avoid world calamity! Leave
George W. Bush down here on his farm near Waco. It's your own chance. If
you don't prevent him from gaining the presidency, you'll boil in his
oil. Mark these words!  
 Tony Hearn
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