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 Damn! It is hard to send a post that doesn't have typos! Right?
 George W. Bush & Other Suckers
 by Tony Hearn
 The tragedy that is looming for our globe is that gullible Americans
will place George W. Bush in the world's most powerful political
position. Only
initiated seers are aware of this now highly probable calamity. He will
be a disaster. Pseudo-wise leaders of our wanton American mass culture
now embrace him and what
he represents. Some, of course, are still holding out for his alter ego,
Albert Gore. To the seers, Bush is the quintessential sucker; he is the
wimp. And because of this, sadly, he is becoming ever more popular with
the American electorate, the sub-suckers. As the media tell his story,
George W. Bush is becoming for average Americans this nation's next
cultural and socio-political hero. Why? Because George W. Bush is the
clone of
the prototypical hero of the American dream. He is the "man of business"
who knows how to grab hold of fast bucks and turn them into power. He is
the re-incarnated spirit of John D. Rockefeller, the ruthless petroleum
tycoon, whose habit of doling out dimes to the poor won him the epithet
of being
the original compassionate conservative. Like Rockefeller, George W.
Bush's only real though venal claim to fame was his ability to traffic
in oil, crude
oil, and everything else in his life rests on that. Fresh out of Yale,
Bush, who proved there he had a lame intellect and a distaste for hard
work, caught
on that the easiest way to add to the wealth he already enjoyed from his
family was getting involved in the circle of good ole boys which made up
Texas oil cartel. When he wasn't sucking oil from beneath the feet of
Texans he was off in Midland sucking whiskey. When the going got tough
in the
oil game, Bush sobered up and bailed out. He looked for an easier way to
maintain his privileges. Bush delved for a time in consumer sports, one
the nation's heavy-duty bubba businesses. But Bush still was driven by
his fascination with things oral; he still needed to suck. Lacking the
will to work,
George W. Bush elected to enter politics. It was the ultimate dream job;
all he would ever have to do was suck up to his friends and their big
Doing that so well, he got elected twice as governor of Texas. Ever
wanting a bigger teat, George W. Bush is now licking his lips for the
White House.
While he protects his privileged peers, dependent on the speechcraft of
his articulate aides, he poses as the caring patron of America's growing
disadvantaged masses. He has become the consummate compassionate
conservative: America's grand high succorer. And so the sub-suckers of
America in November will elect their better George W. Bush president.
What will follow will be an immense and interminable sucking sound heard
felt around the world.  Just wait and see, those of you who are sucking
up along with George W. Bush.
 Tony Hearn
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