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>Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2000 09:00:54 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Andrew Rose <affirmingandy@yahoo.com>
>Subject: opinion re: t-shirt, police beating, puppet shutdown-reopen
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>Current thinking is that Phila does not have an outraged body politic in the
>style of Seattle.  Extreme police behavior in Seattle led to the 
>resignation of
>the police chief by the end of the week and the mayor eating crow.  Some have
>expressed that Phila will not react in the same way (local people pressuring
>politicians about police violence) because 'the east is more blue-collar, more
>The reaction to the t-shirt incident, the recent beating of the carjack
>suspect, and the police raid on the puppets bears attention.
>In each case the city has moved to discipline the police, showing 
>cracks in the
>citadel.  Those folks need to get on the same page or we'll see a 
>repeat of the
>infamous 'some policemen broke ranks' statement made by the (politically
>influenced) police chief in Seattle.  This outraged peer level commanders from
>Kings County Sheriff and police union and police chain of command - breaking a
>sacred thin blue line of never faulting individual officers.
>Demonstrators will do the switch they should be famous for - what I call the
>'right side up' where the American flags go from upside down to right side up
>when they (we) coalesce around what are true american values - those of 1st
>ammendment - freedom to assemble, freedom to address the govt with grievances,
>freedom from illegal search and seizure.  People willing to stand up (and get
>beat) for these rights are the patriots.  I think Philly has more 
>support in it
>than at first glance and we'll see at least lip service and possibly far more
>in reaction to extreme policing and overbroad suspension of the constitution.
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