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>the garbage may not be picked up during the r2k.
>Philadelphia and its unions brace for possible strike
>City workers said they will disrupt the GOP convention if a Tuesday 
>deadline is not met. The mayor is standing firm. By Cynthia Burton 
>Gore aligns with police
>Gore Says He'll Spend More to Fight Crime
>  Campaign: He accuses Bush of favoring tax cuts. The Democrat plans 
>a Texas visit to focus on state fiscal woes.
>By DOYLE MCMANUS <mailto:Doyle.McManus@latimes.com>, Times 
>Washington Bureau Chief
>sweeney and gore
>Labor Won't Join Protests at Democratic Gathering
>  Convention: Leaders say they'd rather work with Gore than his GOP 
>rival, so they won't join protesters next month in Los Angeles.
>By NANCY CLEELAND <mailto:Nancy.Cleeland@latimes.com>, Times Staff Writer
>judge disallows police no-protest zone, LA may appeal
>The Black Clergy of Philadelphia and the NAACP will sponsor an 
>interfaith rally against police brutality on Sunday, July 23 at 
>Morris Brown AME Church at 25th and Montgomery streets at 7 pm.
>Longtime organizers tick off a list of what they call common tricks 
>of law enforcement's preemptive strike trade: online surveillance, 
>plants in meetings, phone taps, mail tampering, stolen documents, 
>and photo and video surveillance. What agents are looking for, 
>activists say, is evidence to justify a predemonstration arrest. Or, 
>they are simply looking to intimidate.
>audio stream - officer in command
>we'll be hearing a lot from this one, he was saying something like 
>rogue cops give him 'grey hairs', Deputy Commissioner Robert 
>Mitchell, of the Philadelphia Police Department.
>Today on Democracy Now! we are going to take a look at the 
>preparations for the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia. 
>Activists have been conducting training exercises and workshops for 
>the planned street protests. While Philadelphia police, as well as 
>Federal agencies like the FBI have been conducting their own 
>training.  Guests:  Deputy Commissioner Robert Mitchell, of the 
>Philadelphia Police Department.  Rev. Vernal Simms, Pastor of Morris 
>Brown AME Church.  Sara Scully, founder of I-Witness Video. Conducts 
>training of video activists to monitor activities of police
>police caught selling t-shirts with pictures of the recent beating 
>and text saying 'RNC Welcome Committee'
>dep. comissioner Mitchell says "we are embarassed by this"
>philly city council voted demonstrators wearing masks or bandanas 
>will be fined 75$ -
>"it's just not worth talking about" said mitchell
>also in the show
>'rampart' division invades LA organizers office, Danaher, Global 
>Exchange, interviewed

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