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> FRIDAY FAX FOR JULY 21, 2000            NO. 196
>     **Friday Fax
>     **10th Anniversary of the ADA Celebrations
> **********************************************
> Family Opportunity Act Update
> NPND has learned that we now have "61" cosponsors signed on to the senate
> version of the Family Opportunity Act (S. 2274) and "20" cosponsors signed
> on to the house version (H.R. 4825).
> People and groups alike are still commenting on the impact of the
> presented at the Hearing before the Senate Budget Committee on 12 July.
> U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) has remarked that it was a great
> session. Dr. William Scanlon, Director, General Accounting Office of
> Financing and Public Health Issues of the Health and Human Services
> Division, presented testimony at the hearing on how the bill would benefit
> thousands of families nationwide. (To access a .PDF format of his
> access: www.gao.gov/new.items/he00152t.pdf).
> Every organization in Washington, D.C. that works on behalf of families is
> working together on the Hill to move this legislation. THIS BILL MUST GO
> THIS SESSION. We all need to work together to ensure the Family
> Act is passed this session.
> Families need this Bill. This piece of legislation benefits all of our
> families. As we work in D.C., parents, we need you to work in your home
> states. Your Senators and Representatives will be in their Home offices
> during the August Recess.
> Contact your Senators and Representatives and urge them to cosponsor this
> family supportive legislation: (S. 2274-Senate and H.R. 4825-House). If
> your Senators have cosponsored it, it should be easy to get your
> Representatives signed on. If your Senators have not, then you need to
> on both.
> www.senate.gov / U.S. Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121
> www.house.gov / U.S. Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121
> * * * * *
> Have Your Senators/Representatives Signed-On???
> In the spirit of THOMAS Jefferson, the Library of Congress provides you
> with a way to search information online about the U.S. Congress and the
> legislative process. Search bills, by topic, bill number, or title.
> To learn whether or not your Senators or Representative has signed on as a
> cosponsor to the Family Opportunity Act just access:
>  Once you are on the THOMAS page, enter the number for the bill you would
> like to access, for instance "S. 2274" or "H.R. 4825" (one bill at a
> in the box labeled "By Bill Number," which can be found near the top
> portion of the screen. Then press "SEARCH."
>  You will link to the bill. Near the top of the screen you will see 4
> boxes of information that you can link to. To find out the cosponsors,
> i.e., what senators or representatives have signed on, click on the third
> box "Link to the Bill Summary & Status file."
>  When you reach the Bill Summary and Status page, scroll down until you
> see "Cosponsors." It will be on the left hand side of the page. Click on
> and it will list the Senators or Representatives that have co-signed this
> legislation.
> **********************************************
> The DD Act is Moving
> Reauthorization of the Developmental Disabilities Act is moving, and we
> need to ensure that it keeps going. The Chairman of the House Commerce
> Committee, Thomas Bliley and the Chairman of the House Education and the
> Workforce Committee, William Goodling, need to hear from families. Access
> the NPND website for more information on the DD Act.
> Contact Chairmans Bliley and Goodling and urge immediate action to adopt
> the Senate version, S. 1809. It has broad bipartisan support. Tell them
> that it is important that FAMILY SUPPORT be included in this Act.
> Bliley:
> P-202-225-2815
> F-202-225-0011
> tom.bliley@mail.house.gov
> Goodling:
> P-202-225-5836
> F-202-226-1000,
> pa19@legislators.com
> **********************************************
>  * Friday Fax is taking a vacation next week, so there will be no news
> bulletin on July 28, 2000 We will be back on August 4th with the latest
> legislative news, and information you need to know. Have a good week!
>  * Happy Tenth Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act-July
> A coalition of disability rights organizations will be commemorating the
> 10th Anniversary of the ADA and the 25th Anniversary of IDEA with
> ceremonies in Washington, D.C. on July 25th and 26th. The two-day
> celebration will include events on Capitol Hill, the FDR Memorial,
> Gallaudet University and the Endependence Center of Northern Virginia. The
> Washington events are part of a national "Spirit of ADA" Torch Relay
> organized by the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD),
> covering 24 U.S. cities. For more information access: www.npnd.org, or
> www.spiritofada.org or call AAPD at 800-840-8844. If you live in the
> Washington, D.C. area, we hope you can join the celebration!
> **********************************************
> NPND and WeMedia Partnership
> NEW YORK, NY, July 19, 2000 - NPND is pleased to announce that we have
> formed a partnership with WeMedia, a full service media company dedicated
> to serving people with disabilities, their families and friends. Together,
> NPND and WeMedia will create a resource for parents and caregivers using
> WeMedia's print, interactive, broadcast, and wireless distribution
> capabilities.
> To give you an idea of how exciting this opportunity is for increasing
> NPND's reach within the community, we thought it would be helpful for you
> to know more about WeMedia and why we selected them to be our partner.
> WeMedia
> WeMedia Inc. was launched in 1997 by two entrepreneurs, Jerome Belson and
> Cary Fields, who have worked extensively with disability organizations for
> more than 40 years. Both founders share a common goal of developing
> strategies to improve the lives of people with disabilities, through a
> variety of media offerings.
> WE Magazine
> The company's first media property was WE magazine, a glossy consumer
> lifestyle publication founded in 1997, which some of you may be familiar
> with. The bimonthly magazine has won accolades for its impressive
> content and innovative approach to cross-disability issues.
> www.wemedia.com
> In December 1999, WeMedia launched www.wemedia.com, a full service online
> resource for people with disabilities, their families and friends. NPND
> one of WeMedia's charter nonprofit partners and was pleased to have played
> a role in the historic launch of the site.
> The new website provides the disability community with targeted and
> comprehensive information and resources in the areas of finance, real
> estate, kids, news, sports, employment, technology, advocacy, and
> education. WeMedia Sports is the official Webcaster of the Sydney 2000
> Paralympic Games and will provide the first live webcast of an Olympic or
> Paralympic event, in what will be the most ambitious webcast ever. In
> addition to the magazine and website, WeMedia will distribute content
> through broadcast and wireless communications.
> Information For Parents and Caregivers
> Our partnership with WeMedia allows us to create a comprehensive source of
> information for parents and caregivers that will be available through all
> of WeMedia's communications outlets and in particular, through a dedicated
> section on wemedia.com. NPND will offer the latest, need-to-have
> information on legislative issues and advocacy, parenting issues, monthly
> features and online chats, discussion boards and a comprehensive events
> calendar for NPND's extensive membership of parent programs nationwide..
> In addition, WeMedia and NPND are creating a special subsection on the
> website that we hope will be a tremendous outlet for parents: an
> 'pen-pal' system broken out by specific disability. NPND and WeMedia know
> that parents can often be overwhelmed with their situation, need
> information, resources, and frankly, someone who knows what they're going
> through. The electronic pen-pal will allow you to find someone who's been
> where you are, learn from their experiences, share your concerns and your
> knowledge. It is our hope that all of you will make good use of this
> resource.
> NPND will be working closely with WeMedia over the coming year and has
> appointed Patty McGill Smith, executive director, and Linda Shepard,
> interim executive director, to serve as members of
> WeMedia's Advisory Board.
> One-Year Free Subscription to WeMedia
> As a benefit of our partnership, WeMedia is offering NPND constituents a
> one-year free subscription to WeMedia magazine. To take advantage of this
> offer, please go to www.wemedia.com/freemagazine or call toll-free (877)
> 935-6789. While you're visiting their website, explore all the information
> WeMedia has housed on its site and be sure to check back regularly as new
> information, features, products, and services are being posted constantly.
> Share Your Thoughts and Ideas
> NPND is thrilled to have formed this partnership with WeMedia and
> encourages all of our constituents to share your thoughts and ideas about
> the kinds of information and resources you would like to see us develop to
> serve you better. If you have suggestions or comments you would like to
> share, please contact Tonia Nelson at WeMedia by phone at (646) 769-2813,
> or e-mail her at family@wemedia.com.
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