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Oakland's Plan to Save Affordable Housing
The housing boom has come to Oakland, and officials are afraid that affordable
housing will be the first to be lost.
08:00 AM, Jul 18

Contributed by Chris Steins

Feeling pressure from the housing boom in cities surrounding Oakland, the city
is now also faced with a housing shortage and soaring home prices. The Oakland
City Council task force announced a plan to preserve affordable housing and
encourage more to be built. Among the task force recommendations: the city
should buy and fix up available properties in threatened neighborhoods to keep
them out of the hands of land speculators; require affordable units that are
demolished to be replaced, one for one; adopt a policy of preserving the city's
single-room-occupancy hotels.

Full Story:Oakland Wants To Save Housing: Low-income residents 'threatened' by
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Source: San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner, Jul 18, 2000.
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