[Hpn] Peace in our Time

Mike Steindel CLaw7MAn@webtv.net
Wed, 19 Jul 2000 17:47:26 -0700 (PDT)

Don't get me wrong here I too think peace amongst nations and people is
a desireable thing. But there is no peace in the land of Ghandi in fact
there is a fascist group in power who seeks to kill of all the muslims.
They and Pakistan each have nukes with each others name on them. Peace
comes when neither side is convinced it can win or when there is only
one side left standing. 

Governments grant freedom when they realize that the people will no
longer accept captivity. We live in an adversarial world in which
nothing is given away. 

Homelesness is a direct result of government interference in limiting
"Urban Sprawl" which in turn limits homes and drives up cost. I'm old
enough to remember that a milkman could afford to buy a home in my old
neighborhood. Now that same home that was 15 grand is 300 grand. How
come you may ask. Because there are not enough homes to go around. Its
sure not because construction wages have gone up.

Try setting up a tent in a park at night when no ones there, how long
untill your told mov on. Peace is a nice thing when you have yours but
no peace for me untill I get mine. This govt. no matter how much they
save on the DOD or any other bureaucratic swindle will ever give us a
hand, if you wait for them you'll wait your whole life.  Peace is for
the rich to sit around and talk about. I say fight and get your due.
When I'm rich then peace will be diserable to me.