[Hpn] No Peace 4 the USA

William Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
Wed, 19 Jul 2000 18:54:52 -0400

You are correct there can be no peace with out a exacted cost!
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From: "Mike Steindel" <CLaw7MAn@webtv.net>
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Subject: [Hpn] No Peace 4 the USA

> There are no Peace attempts taking place. We the USA have troops in over
> 120 countries around the world. Thousands in Japan and 35 thousand in S.
> Korea not to mention Kosovo and the middle east. The USA under the guise
> of fighting the drug war has sent damn near 2 billion to Colombia most
> of which is for attack helicopters. As far as peace goes nearly 15
> billion is being offered to the Israelis and Palestinians to shake hands
> and make up. Sounds more like a bribe to me. 
> There is no peace at home either. The cops in L.A. gun people down over
> posible stolen shopping carts. The L.A. city council thinks its wise to
> fine 1000. bucks or hand out 6 mos in the slam for pissing on the
> sidewalk. No mention was made of a peaceful solution for toilets no just
> send in the cops to enforce laws.
> Its better for a government to fear its people that for a people to fear
> its government. Just wait and see what our so called leader think of the
> people when they gather at the political conventions. As soon as a
> murmur of disapproval arises from us the masses we will be answered with
> tear gas and bullets from the L.A. and Philly thugs. AKA the pigs.    
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