[Hpn] No Peace 4 the USA

Mike Steindel CLaw7MAn@webtv.net
Wed, 19 Jul 2000 16:42:25 -0700 (PDT)

There are no Peace attempts taking place. We the USA have troops in over
120 countries around the world. Thousands in Japan and 35 thousand in S.
Korea not to mention Kosovo and the middle east. The USA under the guise
of fighting the drug war has sent damn near 2 billion to Colombia most
of which is for attack helicopters. As far as peace goes nearly 15
billion is being offered to the Israelis and Palestinians to shake hands
and make up. Sounds more like a bribe to me. 

There is no peace at home either. The cops in L.A. gun people down over
posible stolen shopping carts. The L.A. city council thinks its wise to
fine 1000. bucks or hand out 6 mos in the slam for pissing on the
sidewalk. No mention was made of a peaceful solution for toilets no just
send in the cops to enforce laws.

Its better for a government to fear its people that for a people to fear
its government. Just wait and see what our so called leader think of the
people when they gather at the political conventions. As soon as a
murmur of disapproval arises from us the masses we will be answered with
tear gas and bullets from the L.A. and Philly thugs. AKA the pigs.