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July 18, 2000
Letter to The Editor

'Welfare to Work'

To the Editor:
I read your July 11 editorial "Diminishing the Welfare Rolls" with great

Before we trumpet the achievements of welfare-to-work programs, I urge New
Yorkers to consider the effect they have on people's lives. We need to look at
the jobs people secured, the pay and benefits, and whether these jobs have moved
anyone out of poverty. Finally, we need to consider how changes in our economy
will affect those least prepared for a downturn.

As director of Partnership for the Homeless's job training program, I know that
"welfare to work" provides little training -- particularly in crucial "soft
skills" -- and no support after employment.

Without these components, "welfare to work" may provide short-term success
stories, but will offer few long-term positive results.

New York, July 11, 2000

H. C. {Sonny} Covington
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