[Hpn] Unwelcome in America: KWRU Press Conference in Philadelphia 7-13

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Fri, 14 Jul 2000 07:57:17 -0700 (PDT)


For Immediate Release
July 13, 2000

Contact:  Cheri Honkala, (215) 768-8320
          James Pfluecke, Press Coordinator

Statement by Cheri Honkala

Unwelcome in America Press Conference

"We are here today -- the unwanted and unwelcomed in America
-- to respond to the outright police brutality that occurred
yesterday to Thomas Jones.  As a poor mother in America
whose own son settled out of court on a police brutality
case and changed the law in Philadelphia for not being able
to strip search children without probable cause, I and the
families in KWRU know the realities of violence at the hands
of the police, our elected officials, and the corporations
that keep us locked up, knocked down and silenced.

Every day poor people have to endure the violence of hunger,
going to the refrigerator hoping that somehow you can
stretch that last gallon of milk.  Many endure the violence
of homelessness, of being issued citations for daring to
sleep on the pavement in Center City because you're tired
and have no place to call home.  Many endure the violence of
having no job opportunities that pay a living wage, when the
only major employer is selling drugs on the street corner;
others endure the violence of a city that refuses to treat
its workers right by granting a fair contract.

It didn't surprise us that this violence happened in North
Philadelphia.  It happens every day. The only thing that was
different this time is that Philadelphia, America, and the
world got a look into the window of our daily reality.  We
are pleading today for everyone to come out and be human
rights monitors for the March for Economic Human Rights on
July 31st."


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