[Hpn] Fwd: June 15 witch hunt continues

Bonnie Briggs s248_1132@hotmail.com
Wed, 12 Jul 2000 09:41:44 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Sabrina,
  Here is an update on the fallout from the demo at Queen's Park on June 
15th. I think we really scared the cops that day. They're doing their best 
to make sure the public doesn't see what they did to the protestors that 
>July 12, 2000
>Warrants served at media outlets
>Police seize images, tapes in probe of riot at Queen's Park
>By Jennifer Quinn
>Toronto Star Staff Reporter
>Search warrants were executed yesterday at media outlets across the city -
>including The Star - as Toronto police continue to investigate a June riot
>at Queen's Park.
>Negatives, digital images and videotapes were seized yesterday by
>detectives at the newsrooms of The Star, Toronto Sun, National Post and
>City-TV. In all, 14 search warrants will be served, Detective Steve Irwin
>The warrant details 92 charges, ranging from assaulting police to taking
>part in a riot, which have already been laid against protesters at the June
>15 protest at Queen's Park.
>Another two dozen offences - including possession of weapons and injuring
>police horses - are attributed to ``unknown persons.''
>Irwin said the warrants were necessary to seize film and videotapes so
>police can identify the as-yet unknown suspects wanted for those charges
>and ``to gather more evidence to assist us in the investigation.''
>``When the police came with the warrant, we turned over the negatives. Our
>film is in a sealed envelope so that we can consider whether to seek to
>have the warrant quashed through the courts,'' Star managing editor Mary
>Deanne Shears said. The paper has 14 days to consider this option.
>``The concern we always have in these circumstances is that our
>photographers and reporters must not be considered or be seen to be agents
>of the police,'' Shears said. ``We don't see ourselves as evidence
>gatherers for the police. Our role is to accurately report and reflect
>Martin Newland, deputy editor of the National Post, said the newspaper
>complied with the warrant served at its Don Mills newsroom but was still
>considering future court action.
>``We're still discussing it with the lawyers,'' he said. ``My only worry is
>about reporters in the field, and in any violent situation they then become
>- or are seen as - agents of the police and they can be jumped.''
>Because the Post's photographers use digital equipment, the only
>photographs available to police were ones already published in the paper,
>Newland said.
>Film shot by Sun photographers was also seized, confirmed Joe Conforti, a
>lawyer for the newspaper.
>At City-TV's Queen St. newsroom, videotapes shot June 15 were also handed
>over to police, news director Stephen Hurlbut said.
>Last night, Irwin said a fifth warrant was served at a community newspaper.
>Detectives will continue to serve the warrants today.

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