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> Hi, Bill,
> Overnight I had a thought during a dream. The thought is that "often our
> prayers for personal help fall on deaf ears because God is not greatly
> moved for mercy towards us when he sees that we are too caught up in our
> own affairs. His mercy, however, flows freely towards those who are
> wrapped up in their concern for others who are less fortunate."
> Our homeless brothers and sisters in the United States have a very
> difficult time. They need all the assistance they can get from any
> source. Yet, there are millions of other souls in other lands who would
> trade their sad lot for the life of a homeless person in the United
> States.
> May I suggest to you, Bill, and to others who are homeless or concerned
> about homelessness in America that we all begin to raise united prayers
> for the conversion of leaders of governments in other lands beyond the
> United States that God will inspire these leaders to deliver their
> homeless and destitute persons (actually "hordes") from their dire
> straits. If we all broaden our concerrn so that we include all the
> world's homeless, perhaps, just perhaps, the good Lord will turn the
> hearts of the leaders of our government and business and industrial
> leaders as well so that we all can sleep better each night.
> May I suggest that we all become prayer warriors for generosity, peace,
> and tranquility. I have constructed a site at
> http://home.sprintmail.com/~thearn/pg14.htm 
> which can help interested persons in praying for the leaders of the
> nations. Would you please point them to this site. It is updated daily.
> It's worth a try!
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