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Sun, 09 Jul 2000 00:56:44 -0400

the kingdom of god is the rational for all of the greed in the world
the kingdom of dog is the rational for most of the wars fought in the last
twelve thousand years
the kjngdom of dog is blasphemy , to god
the u s a, in dog we trust, is the kingdom of dog

"M. Emily Cragg" wrote:

> ...What is true is housing is impossible to get where the work is,
> ...and the landed gentry are the only people "with a say in it."
> ...What is true is buying a house depends on being "hooked into
> ...the system," and no one "outside the system" gets any.
> ...What the Kingdom of God IS is a way--outside the system--
> ...for relief, for healing, for sanctuary, for renewal.
> ...Enough greed and enough grasping, groping and struggling
> ...is enough.
> ...In centuries past the Church served the purpose of providing
> ...sanctuary.
> ...But the "cities of refuge" concept has been replaced--at least
> ...in the United States--by a prison system housing 1 million people
> ...who are incompetent to deal with modern-day life.
> ...Churches have all but given up hope to providing or creating
> ...rest, respite and hope for anyone disfavored by
> ...myriad bureaucracies, agencies and well-meaning elitists.
> ...Why not let the creative people among your "untouchable" classes
> ...put the "cities of refuge" concept back into practice?
> ...This is what the Holy Conservancy is making an attempt to do
> ...in the city of Berkeley, California.
> ...If the Administration and HUD have no place in our work, then
> ...the people themselves will know that it is of God.
> ...And the credibility of Government it self will be its casualty.
> ...And good riddance.
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