[Hpn] Child Neglect by Texas Officials

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NHhomeless Members FYI!!
Also Tony we need a few more advocates to stir the waters for our action
plan to end poverty and hate crimes as we know them!
A Bro.
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Subject: Child Neglect by Texas Officials

> Thought you might be interested in a dialogue I am having with a Baptist
> preacher here in Austin as well as with local and state officials over
> deplorable record of protective care of juveniles.
> Subject:
>           Child Neglect in Travis County
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>           Sat, 08 Jul 2000 08:59:46 -0700
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>           Tony Hearn <thearn@sprintmail.com>
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> Attention: Pastor Harold O'Chester
> I am sending you a copy of an email I have just sent to our State
> Senator Barrientos about a serious situation in the local office of
> Child Protective Services.
> I realize, Harold, that you regard me as an agitator. I accept that
> label. In reading the Bible, I note that an angel at Bethesda (John 5:
> 1-9) would go and agitate the waters so that anyone smart enough to step
> in would get healed. So much for agitating the waters. While I'm no
> angel, I do confess to
> troubling the waters in these parts.
> I believe that some good will come from out little dispute over
> "agitation" and even "the death penalty" issues. I do believe that you
> are a man of prayer and study of the Word. I believe the Holy Spirit
> inspires you and acts through you. I have since the first time I heard
> you speak. Perhaps I lack your polish, but I do know the Spirit has used
> me, and I believe with total faith and trust that the Spirit is using me
> now. If not, may He deal quite severely with me immediately in whatever
> way is effective. I pray to God to correct me now!!!!!!!!! I do not want
> to offend the Spirit of Truth!!!!!
> I know you are a busy man. But, please, if you really want to understand
> me, please read all -- it is necessary to read the whole thing -- of the
> material I have referred to Senator Barrientos (for whom I also pray
> daily).
> Most sincerely, Harold, I am, your brother in the one, true faith,
> Here is the message to Senator Barrientos:
> Dear Senator Barrientos:
> As one of your constituents I ask that you pay attention to the
> following. I have yet to receive an acknowledgement from your office
> over any issue I have raised with you. The following commands your
> action!!!!!
> If I told you the file of one client of the Travis County Child
> Protective Services unit has had a succession of three caseworkers in
> eight months and is now sitting on the desk of an overloaded supervisor
> because she lacks a fourth caseworker, what would you say? I would say
> the turnover in Unit 23 is appalling.
> Sir, as a conscientious legislator with a record of humane concern, you,
> I believe, would have to agree with me that nothing, I repeat "nothing,"
> is as important as the welfare and safety of our children. Our Child
> Protective Services agency is in bad need of attention. Please! Please!
> I ask you to become involved in addressing this issue.
> I have gone to much trouble to chronicle a particular case here in
> Travis County. It is an involved case, but it is, I believe,
> representative of what goes on with Child Protection and our local
> Juvenile Criminal Justice system. It also involves how we neglect the
> "illegal" undocumented juvenile residents here in Travis County.
> Will you please use the link
> http://home.sprintmail.com/~thearn/pg15e.htm
> to read the latest update of this long, sad story. I think you will be
> edified. An AP reporter to whom I spoke yesterday is VERY interested.
> The beginning of the story involving Austin and Travis County is at
> http://home.sprintmail.com/~thearn/pg15.htm
> I do hope you or your aide will give this your attention. It is
> IMPORTANT. I am, in effect, charging the State of Texas and Travis
> County, before the world, with the neglect of our children.
> May I please get some sort of response from you on this particular
> issue!
> Sincerely,
> One of Your Past (and I hope future) Supporters
> Tony Hearn
> Austin, Texas
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