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 Hello everyone,

 Here are the minutes from the meeting. We got some excellent pictures, and
 some good video footage.  Ran into some technical problems, but I'm
 digitizing the video tonight, editing it tommorrow.  I also need to scan
 photos so I can e-mail them.  Finally, please read the letter at the end
 give me suggestions, I was going to use it to start generating support, but
 would like some feed-back from the group first. If it you want (or don't
 want) your name as a contact person let me know.
 thanks all,


a. city takes ownership of buildings this week, everyone gets eviction
b. thirty days later everyone  out, city destroys buildings and builds
 parking lot

a. ask govoner, mayor (if within power) to write an executive order to stop
 city, Contact local politicians
b. hold a parade
c. picket town hall
d. send pictures of children and families to council members
e. use photos of tenents to make "missing person" fliers, but  call them
 "missing home" fliers, make informational fliers and brochures to generate
 publicity and  awareness/educate
f. legal action, civil rights violations, file court injunctions, sue city
 of Franklin for using special education funds to pay for the demolition of
 their homes, Tom Cagle (name?) draft injunction letter for parents with
 disabled children to sign,
g. get anew land lord
h. tent city
i. organize with organizations of homeless and formerly homeless people,
 attend New Hampshire Homeless Coalition Meeting on Friday
j. Street theater
k. Get permits to demonstrate, picket, street theater
l. Civil disobedience, get arrested, handcuff selves to building
m. Clean/fix up apartments our selves, paint (good public relations),
 contact Habitat for Humanity
a. Out of 35 tenants, 17 are children.  Of those 17,  6 or 7 have a
 disability.  That is, just under 50% of the children.  Several adults are
 section 8 (didn't discuss # of adults with disabilities).  These are
 for discrimination and mis-use of funds law suits.
1. PETITION (contact person: Becky)
a. Draft letter that tells the story and asks for support
b. Go door to door collecting signatures (didn't come up during meeting, but
 malls, businesses, etc.)
2.  FUNDRAISERS (contact person: vacant)
a. donations from businesses
b. free copies from kinkos/copy stores
c. churches
d. shriners "phone booth" in the street
e. car wash

 3.   PUBLICITY (contact person: vacant)
a. make, print, distribute leaflets, brochures
b. give face to the buildings, generate public sympathy
c. build traveling display with photos to use during speaking
4.  DEMONSRATIONS (contact person: vacant)
a. picket
1. 24 hour ongoing
2. make signs
3. come up with chants
b. parade
1. organize participants/community involvement/
2. organize participants from other towns
3. due to time constraints, tentative parade date set for Saturday, July 15
4. generate media attention
5. plan route starting from point a and going to puppet theater at point b
6. fun, carnival like, music, clowns, a party, a spectacle
c. giant puppet theater
1. create script that tells the story of this struggle
2. build giant puppets and props
3. perform
4. use play to communicate to media, community, etc
a. Renovate buildings with the money allocated for its destruction or leave
the buildings standing long enough for the residents to find other housing
 in Franklin, city pays secutity deposits and moving fees.
a. current landlord and problems of absenteeism
b. issues of constant turn over of property maneger

 Jaime Grady
1 Mitchell Street
Merrimack, NH 03054

 During the upcoming week the city of Franklin will take possession of three
 low-income apartment buildings on Franklin Street, leaving residents thirty
 days to leave their homes.  Considering Franklin's extreme housing
 these evictions will result in seventeen children and eighteen adults
 becoming homeless.  Despite opposition from several residents and concerned
 citizens who spoke during the city council meeting, the council voted to
 take possession of the buildings by eminent domain under the guise of urban
 renewal.  The city will replace the buildings with a parking lot.  It is
 difficult to understand the logic behind this decision, as Franklin is
 neither facing a parking shortage nor are parking lots particularly
 attractive.  It would be more cost effective and more beautiful to renovate
 these buildings; an idea supported by Morgan Kraus, the owner of the
 property.  Given these observations a person must look beyond the words of
 the city council and draw alternate conclusions.

 One such conclusion might rest within the following statistics, of the
 seventeen school age children living in these three apartments, 6 have a
 diagnosed disability.  Compared to the national average of 12%  in public
 school, just under 50% of the children living in the threatened buildings
 have a disability.  It appears as though Franklin is trying to purge itself
of its disabled population.  This, needless to say is an unconscionable
 civil rights violation that must not be tolerated.   It is also worth
 pointing out that the cost of educating a student with special needs can be
 very expensive.  However it is the responsibility of the town to provide a
 public education for all its residents, regardless of their race, gender,
 religion, persuasion or disability.  What right does Franklin have to
 arm its residents from their homes, thereby reneging their responsibility
 the expense of both the people being kicked out, and the towns that they
 turn to turn to for shelter?

 It has also been observed that there is a disproportionate number of young
 people who hangout and cause a public nuisance in front of the three
 apartment buildings.  If the city hopes to rid itself of this nuisance, it
 is going about it the wrong way.   In fact, most of the residents of the
 buildings agree with their town folk on this issue, and they would like to
 let everyone know that the people who congregate and cause trouble on
 Franklin Street are not the residents of the threatened apartments.
 down the residential buildings will have no effect on this problem.

 It seems that the city of Franklin simply wants these thirty-seven people
 go away.  This is an unjust and unjustifiable act of aggression and it will
not be tolerated.This is bigger than thr thirt-seven peoples whose homes
are being threatened by the flagrant misuse of eminent domain.

 Join the fight to protect the homes of seventeen children and eighteen
 adults.  "The city on the move" must be stopped!  Please come to the next
 strategic meeting being held at the New Covenant Fellowship Church on 42-44
 Franklin Street, across from the three apartment buildings.  We have less
 than one month to stop the demolition, and need all the help we can get.
 What follows are the minutes from the first strategic planning.  Thank you
 for your support.

Contact people:
Karl Kuehn: www.kkuehn67@fcgnetworks.net

 Robert Mears:  352 Meredith Center Road
Laconia, NH 03246
603-524-5335: www.robertmears@fcgnetworks.net

 New Covenant Fellowship Church: www.newcovenantfel@aol.com

 Jaime Grady: www. bigrudolph@hotmail.com