[Hpn] Pope John Paul & Religious Unity

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July 2, 2000

Zetetic Research Institute


    Pope John Paul has made it plain that his mission, before he 
dies, is to unite the 3 major religions centered in the Middle 
East:  Christianity, Judaism and Islam.  One of his dreams is to 
meet on top of Mount Sinai with representatives of the 3 
religions to sign a declaration of Religious Unity.

    There is an opposition group within the Roman Catholic 
Church that is Evangelical or Charismatic, and is opposed to 
religious unity under the Pope.

    In a recent gathering of World Religious Leaders at the 
United Nations, Pope John Paul railed against Church groups that 
teach a personal Messiah or Savior, and who oppose the unity of 
world religions.  He called them religious hate groups.  He said 
that people from all of the world's religions should "pray 
against religious hate groups that 
oppose religious unity." 

    It is also of interest that since the Waco incident, the 
Justice Department has defined 
a religious cult as "groups that study the Bible in private 
homes, and people who attend church services more that 2 time a 

    Are these occurances of any concern to you?  Do they define 

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