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 Our Patrician Presidential Candidates
by Tony Hearn
 George W. Bush and Albert Gore: high-born patricians! Yes, they're
definitely "patrician." You can tell it by the way they wears those snug
 jeans! No doubt about it; they're "high born!" It's in their blood.
 Another proof is their "will to power." George W. and Al are laying
claim to their legacies, their noble entitlement. See all the court
sycophants assembling at their sides. Yes, Americans are going to have a
patrician for their next president. Rule is now well within George W's
reach. America is about to crown him "George Bush II." Poor Al! Back to
a privileged life in Tennessee.
 Since I learned old-time Greeks had patricians, I've known I'm a plebe.
And over the years, I've become increasingly happier that I am. I'll
tell you why. It's my patriotic duty this Fourth of July. I'm going to
let you in on a secret. You see, the word
patrician" comes from the Greek root "patri" having to do with "father."
It's even the "father" of  our word "patriotic," which I just used.
Well, "patriotism," another derivative of the root, isn't as great a
word as our nation's tutors would have yoou believe.
 But back to the secret. You see, "father," or "patri," when we apply it
to a male of our human species -- well, it's nonsensical. Jesus taught:
"Call no man 'father!'" because he knew to do so was not only bad
rhetoric, an oxymoron, it was blasphemous. You see, Jesus taught us to
call only God our "father." Jesus knew that we human beings tend to and
do turn things upside down. That's why he came to earth: to set things
straight. Humans were going around calling their dads and other men they
respected "fathers." "You don't know what you're talking about," Jesus
was saying in effect. "You've got it all screwed up! Your word 'father'
is topsy turvy. Your men aren't godly. Stop using the term." So, in any
way humans use the word "father," or any derivative
of the root "patri," except in referring to God or godliness, they are
engaging in a perversion. That's why I don't want to have anything to do
with being a "patrician." Think about it!
 George W. Bush is a patrician. He seeks power! That's what patricians
do. They know they are better than others. They deserve to govern. They
are entitled to rule! Patricians really believe this. It's their grand
delusion. And those who like the perks of power but have craven
self-doubt cling to these patrician egomaniacs certain their destiny is
to lead.
 I'll tell you another secret. The confused followers of Jesus wanted him
to rule over them. His shrewd self-serving enemies wanted no part of
 him. Why? Because Jesus was, at heart, a real "democrat." Jesus came to
earth to lead each human being into liberation and, oh my gosh, into
personal accountability. "My kingdom is not of this world," Jesus told
his interviewers and the roaring mob. Can you imagine George W. Bush or
Al Gore, or any other politician, telling the media manipulators of
public sentiment such a notion? Can you just hear George W. Bush telling
the GOP: "Help elect me president, and when I rule, you can too! But you
have to become 'other worldly.'!"
 Maybe George W. Bush wants, in his heart of hearts, to become a "real"
patrician. Just maybe. I'll cut him a little slack. Generosity is kind.
I'll be kind. How would he or anyone else become a real patrician? He
has to take lessons from the Son of One: Jesus, the Son of God. He has
to walk in the steps of the One who came to serve. He has to become the
Servant rather than the master. He has to become the One who washes the
feet of his followers. He has to become the One to stand up against
those who seek and use privilege and power for themselves. He has to
become the One who empties himself so others can become strong. He has
to become the One given in ignominious sacrifice. He has to serve the
Kingdom of God and not the land of false promise. He has to become the
One hanged on a cross, defiled by wrong doers and believers, so that the
Truth to which he bears witness, becomes, after he is trashed, the Light
of the World. That's a godly father, that's a "real" patrician.
 Is George W. Bush or any other candidate running for this high privilege
on this Fourth of July, 2000? I have grave doubt. Maybe a miracle can
happen. Maybe some spark can ignite an interior fire in George W. Bush's
mind and heart. Maybe as with the fireworks in the District of Columbia
this Tuesday night, there will be a giant explosion of light shimmering
down on Washington and throughout the nation. And maybe a beam of light
will enter George W. Bush's eyes. If we are to survive, we need it!
 Tony Hearn
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