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Jaime,et al!
Here are some numbers 1-603-286-2492 Pastor Murphrees home phone;Church
Phone is 1-603-934-1925,Pastor Robert Mears 1-603-524-5335 this should
OK directions 93 north all the way to exit 19 get off there
Northfield,Tilton, and  Franklin take a left go under mini under pass go
straight on through till you get to lights in Tilton.
Take a left go about 3 miles down a hill into city at the lights in middle
of Franklin is Franklin Street the church is 42-44 Franklin Street the homes
they want to demolish are 3 houses on right hand side of street the cook out
is out back of them you will see its going to look like a block party lol..
Appreciate all you are doing these people need our moral support and
whatever we can do!!

William Charles Tinker
25 Granite Street
Northfield,New Hampshire 03276
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> Bill,
> I'm working closley with another concerned individual named Jose Wiley on
> organizing media attention and devloping stratgies to prevent the
> of these apartments.  WE've contacted WMUR news 9 and requested that they
> pay close attention to the events as they unfold and faxed a cover letter
> that I will include in this communication.  We don't know exactly where
> Franklin is and need detailed directions from Manchester and confirmation
> crashing at your place (if you still have the space for us).  I also
> information on the UNHM-student list serve, contacted Cindy via answering
> machine from Under the Bridge, and called as many people as I can think of
> to pass the word.  If we can organize more than the two of us to come down
> we can camp-out, but this being July 4th weekend it will be difficult.
> We feel that this cook out will be a great oppertunity to meet the people
> threatened by the eviction and organize for a strong opposition.  We have
> created an outline of a play that presents the history and details of this
> story and hope to use it as a launching pad to facilitate the residents to
> tell their story and collaborate.
> Can you e-mail me helpful phone numbers and a brief description of who the
> person on the other end of the number is.  I'll see you on Sunday.  Keep
> touch.
> -Jaime
> ps. Compassionate Connections is the organization that I work for, and it
> has a good reputation in the city, so it can't hurt.
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> 100 Commercial Street
> Manchester, NH
> Attention: Gerard
> Compassionate Connections is a non-profit organization that provides
> mentoring services to youth at risk.  An important aspect of our work is
> helping young people find meaningful employment that is in line with their
> long term career and educational goals. In this way, the young person
> becomes aware of the connection between work, survival and their ability
> realize their dreams and ambitions.    Success requires that a person have
> safe and stable home and quality education.  The absence of which can only
> result in social problems effecting all citizens.
> Compassionate Connections supports the struggle of the 37 men woman and
> children whose homes are currently being threatened to make way for a
> parking lot.   The decision to tear down the apartment buildings on 33
> Franklin street was made by the Franklin city council through the power of
> eminent domain. If the city of Franklin is truly concerned  with the
> of its residents to education, a safe place to live and secure employment
> will not demolish theses three low income apartments in favor of a parking
> lot.  In support of the residence, a cook out is being held in the yard
> adjacent to the threatened buildings by the New Covenant Fellowship church
> on Sunday July second.  All concerned people are encouraged to attend, and
> refreshments will be served by the current owner of the buildings.
> Sincerely,
> Jaime Grady
> Jose Wiley
> Compassionate Connections
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