[Hpn] Bush is my Shepherd, I am in want

Thomas Cagle nh-adapt@juno.com
Fri, 29 Dec 2000 10:09:27 -0500

From: "Pete Eldredge" <phixr@concentric.net>

This was on a list serve for NH legislators this morning.

Bush is my Shepherd, I am in want,
He maketh me to lie down on park benches,
He leadeth me by still factories,
He restoreth my doubt in the Republican Party
He guideth me in the path of the Unemployed for his party's sake,
Yea, though I walk through the valley of soup kitchens, I am hungry.
I do fear evil, for thou art against me;
Thy Cabinet and thy Senate, they do discomfort me;
Tho didst prepare a reduction in my wages;
In the presence of my creditors thou anointed my income with taxes,
So my expense overruneth my income.  Surely poverty and hard times will 
follow me All the days of the Republican administration.  And I shall
in a rented house forever.

..My friend is not perfect-
nor am I and so we suit
each other admirably.

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