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> yer absolutely right,
>    yet if we take the bait and allow ourselves to focus on the individual,
> rather than the system which creates the confrontation we will never be
> fighting against our enemy effectively. dylan says it     "but it aint him
> to blame. he's only a pawn in their game".know your enemy is the first
> rule in warfare. if killed by ones brothers. the cops, bum bangers, or
> frigid weather, the problem of homelessness is the killer, the individual
> tool of death is wielded by societies neglect. let us fight this force.
> scam
> smy wrote:
> > (can we put together a list of all the homeless the system has killed
> > ,instead
> > of lingering on just one ? how many homeless are killed by other
> > homeless and
> > just walk away without police investigation? let us turn this into
> > productive
> > forward movement instead of retribution toward an individual ,ill
> > trained and
> > carreer ruined. do you realize the toll it takes on a human being to
> > kill
> > another. this cop may be homeless someday for it.
> > uncle.)
> >
> > Question is this a good way to get rid of the homeless? They (homeless)
> > can kill off one half and the cops can kill off the other!  As far as
> > this cop becoming homeless, AWWWW isn't that too bad!  I hope so.
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