[Hpn] Re: (no subject)

unclescam unclescam@buskers.org
Fri, 29 Dec 2000 03:33:41 -0500

yer absolutely right,
   yet if we take the bait and allow ourselves to focus on the individual,
rather than the system which creates the confrontation we will never be
fighting against our enemy effectively. dylan says it     "but it aint him
to blame. he's only a pawn in their game".know your enemy is the first
rule in warfare. if killed by ones brothers. the cops, bum bangers, or
frigid weather, the problem of homelessness is the killer, the individual
tool of death is wielded by societies neglect. let us fight this force.

smy wrote:

> (can we put together a list of all the homeless the system has killed
> ,instead
> of lingering on just one ? how many homeless are killed by other
> homeless and
> just walk away without police investigation? let us turn this into
> productive
> forward movement instead of retribution toward an individual ,ill
> trained and
> carreer ruined. do you realize the toll it takes on a human being to
> kill
> another. this cop may be homeless someday for it.
> uncle.)
> Question is this a good way to get rid of the homeless? They (homeless)
> can kill off one half and the cops can kill off the other!  As far as
> this cop becoming homeless, AWWWW isn't that too bad!  I hope so.