[Hpn] Governor Shaheen's Proclamation for NH Homeless Memorial Day December21,2000

William Charles Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
Thu, 28 Dec 2000 17:37:30 -0500

 New Hampshire Commemoration of National Homeless Memorial Day
   December 21, 2000
   Whereas, adequate housing essential for healthy families and
  communities; and
   Whereas, soaring housing costs and a shortage of housing stock (both
  rental and single family) make housing inaccessible to increasing
  numbers of New Hampshire residents, many of whom are working full time;
   Whereas, last year 6,157 people, 1,249 of whom were children, were
  housed in the state's 39 shelters and 8,919 were turned away for lack of
   available beds; and
   Whereas, untold numbers of homeless families are living with relatives
  or friends; and
   Whereas, each year too many people die alone in the cold; and
   Whereas, this day is the 10th annual National Homeless Memorial Day;
   Now, therefore, I, Jeanne Shaheen, Governor of the State of New
  Hampshire, do hereby proclaim December 21, 2000 as Homeless Memorial Day
   in New Hampshire, honoring those who have died  and  I urge all citizens
   to learn more about the housing crisis facing our state and to
  contribute whatever they can to the care and shelter of the homeless
  people in our midst.