[Hpn] (Something you can do) Campbell's Soup donates to poor

unclescam unclescam@buskers.org
Tue, 26 Dec 2000 23:23:43 -0500

acceptance is not struggle.
wouldn't it blow their minds if we told em we didn't want their blood soup.
making their living on the backs of the worker. eat the rich
   you know, i'd like to believe campbells is altruistic. i'd like to believe
they didn't look at their bottom line, figure they were gonna lose money on
this, n do it  anyway. but why not just give the food.
   the belief in the goodness of the corporate heart is nil in this mind. why
are they giving food when they could be supplying housing ? humans are animals
and as such will remember where th food cam from and buy that highpriced
product because it's the one they remember. they can't read the words but the
logo is seared in their nutrition hindered minds.
   the feed back is more profits and more poor people. where the hell are you
   isn't campbells a part of general foods which is part of archer daniels
midland which is the owner of monsanto n how many genetic mutations are we
eating without being told, for profit.?

> FOOD IS FOOD!  IF Campbells want to feed the homeless 'n we have to tune in
> to their wes site or whatever, then I think that we should it 'n let people
> get food.  We can give our feed-back to them afterwards.  In the struggle,
> Indio