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Dorothy Kidd or Bernadette Barker-Plummer (Editors)
Department of Media Studies
University of San Francisco
2130 Fulton Street
San Francisco
CA 94117
(415) 422 6680

Call for Papers


Special Issue:  Social Justice Movements and the Internet

Editors: Bernadette Barker-Plummer and Dorothy Kidd, University of San

Writers Deadline: April 1, 2001

Peace Review Journal, an international and multidisciplinary journal of
peace, social justice and human rights, is seeking papers for a special
issue on Social Justice Movements and the Internet.

The Internet has been hailed as a new and potentially radical force for
social change movements. It seems to offer the ability to connect, share
information, communicate, publish, and organize more cheaply and quickly
than ever before. But is the Net really a significant force for progressive
political practice? How are social justice movements using the Net and with
what results?

In this issue of Peace Review we are seeking essays, case studies, and
critical assessments that address the role(s) --potential and actual -- of
the Internet in progressive political practice.

Topics might include, but are not restricted to:

o Case studies of the role(s) of the Internet in social justice campaigns -
e.g. the IMF protests in Washington and Prague, the MAI protests in Europe,
the WTO protest in Seattle, the international campaign of dockers, the
Zapatista uprising in Mexico and so on.

o The use of the Net by established public interest or social movement groups.

o Historical assessments of the net's role in social change.

o Internet access issues. Who is able to access and use the Net in
organizing and who cannot?

o The political economy of the net - e.g. how do the military underpinnings
of the net and the increasing commercial presence there affect its
potential as a social change resource?

o Understanding Cyber -movements. What is Cyberfeminism? Or Cyber-Leninism?
How do we understand movements that exist on the net as their primary

o Analyses of movements to democratize the Net itself - e.g. the Free
Software Movement and the Open Code movement

o Labor patterns and labor organization among Net and information workers


Peace Review is a transnational journal distributed in more than 40
nations. It is intended for a wide readership both inside and outside of
academia and across the peace and social justice movements, so please try
to avoid speaking in the voice of any particular national culture or
politics and avoid unnecessary jargon. We seek short (maximum 3500 words),
readable essays.
Manuscripts (2 copies, double-spaced) MUST be sent BOTH on paper and on
computer disk using Microsoft Word or WordPerfect or text format to:

Dorothy Kidd or Bernadette Barker-Plummer (Editors)
Department of Media Studies
University of San Francisco
2130 Fulton Street
San Francisco
CA 94117

Include a 1-2 sentence professional biography of yourself, and your email
address, if available. Manuscripts and disks cannot be returned.
When writing your Essays, please observe the following: (1) We need a short
title--we do NOT run titles divided by a colon. (2) We do not run figures
or tables but can run drawings or photos. (3) We do not run subheadings but
we do make periodic breaks in the text using drop-caps (in the style of
literary journals). To indicate where you would like breaks, skip an extra
line in the text. (4) We do not run footnotes or endnotes but we do print
"Recommended Readings" at the end of each essay, if the author so desires.
It should be a short list, and appear in the following format:
Parkin, Sara. 1994. The Life and Death of Petra Kelly. London: Pandora.
Fagan, Richard R. 1983. "Theories of Development." Monthly Review
(September): 1324.

Tunnell, Kenneth D. 1992. "Worker Insurgency and Social Control," in
Jeffrey Ian Ross (ed.), Violence in Canada. Toronto: Oxford University Press.

All essays run in the journal will be thoroughly edited to meet our
requirements for style, length, and good English. If your essay needs
extensive editing, we will ask you to resubmit it. If your essay needs less
editing, and if we can edit it without changing the essay's meaning, we
will assume you are inviting us to do so. We cannot return your edited
essay for your approval. Papers accepted become the copyright of the
Journal, unless otherwise specifically agreed.

Fifty offprints of each essay accepted for publication, together with a
complete copy of the relevant journal issue, will be sent to the senior
We welcome correspondence, and will publish short letters. We also want to
recommend good new books, and distributors of good, progressive videos, and
will publish favorable short reviews--not more than 800 words each. We also
publish "Peace Profiles" comprised of short biographies of distinguished
peace activists, broadly defined, from around the world.

Peace Review subscriptions are 28 dollars US or 27 pounds EU for
individuals, and 60 dollars US or 48 pounds EU for libraries/institutions.
You may pay by check or credit card, and can secure a subscription form
from any of the following:

Carfax Publishing Company,
PO Box 25
Abingdon, Oxfordshire
 OX14 3UE
Ph. 44 (0)1235 521154   Fax: 44 (0)1235 553559

Carfax Publishing Company,
875-81 Mass. Ave.
MA 02139
Ph. 1 800 354 1420      Fax: 1 617 354 6875 (US and Canada)

Carfax Publishing Company,
PO Box 352,
NSW 2062
Ph. 61 (0)2 958 2376

Best Wishes,

Anne Hieber
Managing Editor
Peace Review

SUBSCRIPTIONS:  PEACE REVIEW subscriptions are US$60 or EUŁ39 for
individuals and US$274 or EUŁ172 for libraries/ institutions.  A special
discount price, US$30, is available for individuals belonging to
international peace associations and peace research organizations.  For
more information on subscribing email:  sales@carfax.co.uk


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