[Hpn] ALERT: PANHANDLER REGISTRY pushed by Dayton OH businesses. City Commission votes Wednesday. (fwd) Commission votes Wednesday. (fwd)

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ALERT: PANHANDLER REGISTRY pushed by Dayton OH businesses. City Commission
votes Wednesday. (fwd)

FWD  Associated Press - AP Wire Service - Dec 21, 2000


DAYTON, Ohio (AP) _ A measure to control panhandling by
requiring beggars to register with the police department could
become law by next week.

Downtown business owners applauded the proposal at Wednesday's
City Commission meeting as a necessary step to stop con artists
from preying on people frequenting their shops and restaurants.

Advocates of the homeless and mentally ill said the registration
requirement would at best be ignored and at worst lead to further
injury to residents least able to defend themselves.

Business owners and city officials say it targets ``aggressive''
panhandlers, those who have no disability but intimidate passersby
into giving them money.

``There is not a day that goes by in which I do not hear from at
least one of my guests about them being virtually accosted,'' said
Glen Brailey, owner of Pacchia restaurant.

Walt Lichtenberg, president of a Dayton-area advocacy group for
the mentally ill, said people with mental illnesses are the least
likely to go to a police department to register.

``The reason the guy is on the street is because he's afraid to
interact with the community,'' Lichtenberg said.

A majority of the five-member commission approved the measure
Wednesday, when an ordinance requiring registraton received its
first reading. Another vote next week would be necessary for

The ordinance would ban panhandling at night, on buses or at
several city tourist spots. A panhandler would lose his
registration card if he did not stay more than three feet away from
people being confronted, or if he blocks them or their cars, or
follows them after being rejected.

People found panhandling without a license the first time will
be directed to register. Later violations could subject the person
to a $250 fine and 30 days in jail.

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