[Hpn] ALERT: Mounted Police to ARREST Homeless Campers in Ventura CA USA (fwd) USA (fwd)

Tom Boland wgcp@earthlink.net
Thu, 21 Dec 2000 21:00:54 -0800 (PST)

CIRCULATE PLEASE to activists in Southern California USA
and to nonviolent defenders of HOMELESS PEOPLE'S CIVIL RIGHTS:

FWD  Los Angeles Times - Thursday, December 21, 2000



VENTURA -- A team of 20 police officers and firefighters visited homeless
encampments along the Ventura and Santa Clara rivers Wednesday to hand out
literature about shelters and warn campers to clear out by the end of the

The operation, conducted at least once a year during the colder months,
also allowed officers to distribute pamphlets about social service agencies
and talk with transients about the dangers of flooding and fires.

"They told them that starting in January they will be coming down and
making arrests, because it is illegal to be camping down there," said
Ventura Police Lt. Doug Auldridge.

The crime is a misdemeanor punishable by jail time or fines up to $1,000.
No one was arrested Wednesday, the lieutenant said.

Transients were also informed about a warming shelter available in Oxnard
this winter. Transients can reach the shelter by using a free bus that
comes to Ventura.

Wednesday's operation involved Ventura police officers and firefighters, as
well as several mounted units from the Ventura County Sheriff's Department
and employees from the city's public works department.


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