[Hpn] Homeless Deceased Memorial Day

wtinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
Thu, 21 Dec 2000 20:31:02 -0500

 Today a crowd of homeless,housing,and very real homeless persons gathered
 the state house in Concord N.H. to hear Tom Bunnell from Governor Shaheens
 office proclaim December 21,New Hampshire Homeless Memorial Day.

 As a former homeless person and list daddy of NHHomeless I was in awe of
 feeling and passion in the messages of Roger Auger, Randy Glodgett,and many
 others ..But I was really inspired by the two  mentioned because these are
 two surviving members of my homeless crew in Concord, N.H. from 1988-89 and
 we cared for one another when it seemed the world had turned its back on
us!If not for this rag tag crew I would not be alive today thank you Randy,
Roger, Beth, Donny; Randy;John,Tom,Cindy,Ron,Norman,Tina,Stubby,Dianne,and
so many I can not name.Never ever for get the ones whom could not be here
 As Randy stated with tears in his eyes only about half of the people he
 from being homeless are still surviving!

 I am hoping that the Governor will allow the armories to be open for the
 homeless instead of just the shelters that are available now..Things are
 that good Governor Shaheen and winter is here again ..Please I am praying
 that you pass or request that all state armories be made available to the
 homeless and any one whom is in need of shelter.Governor can you do this
 save some persons lives that burn out so fast living on the street?

 I applaud Cindy Carlson,Martha Yager, Jodi Wright and all the persons whom
 showed up to the New Hampshire Homeless Memorial Day today I am sure we
 brothers and sisters will forever be in your debt and Bless your work and
 lets never ever give up our human traits of the HOBO [helping other

 Thank you for reading and listening!

 A Brother In The struggle
 Bill Tinker
 25 Granite Street
 Northfield,N.H. 03276