[Hpn] HOMLELSSNESS MARATHON airs on many NPR stations Jan 24-5, 2001 (W-Th 7pm-9am) (W-Th 7pm-9am)

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CIRCULATE PLEASE and mark your calendars Jan 24-5, 2001 (W-Th 7pm-9am):

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The Homelessness Marathon is a 14-hour live radio broadcast which
originates from the streets of a different city each year. In its first three
years, it has leapt from being on one station to being on 23. The fourth
marathon is slated to originate from Boston from 7pm EST, Wed. January
24 - 9am EST, Thursday, January 25, 2001.

The broadcast booth for the marathon is always outdoors in the dead of
winter to dramatize the plight of people with nowhere to go in the cold. The
marathon raises no funds. It is strictly a consciousness-raising
broadcast, and it takes the position that solving the problem of
homelessness requires societal change, not merely the remediation of
personal failings.

For most hours of the marathon, host "Nobody," has two co-hosts who are
experts on some aspect of homelessness and poverty (e.g. the impact of
welfare reform, the availability of housing, access to health care,
anti-homeless legislation, etc.). Two hours each year are devoted to panels
of homeless people (e.g. homeless mothers, homeless vets, homeless
youth, homeless "mentally ill," etc.) Throughout the night "Nobody" takes
calls from the general public and especially from homeless people who are
reached in a variety of ways. A special number is reserved for homeless
people and circulated through shelters, homeless papers and others.
Some shelters set aside a listening room where the normal lights out policy
is suspended on the night of the broadcast. And the broadcast booth is
situated in an area frequented by homeless people with a microphone out
on the street that they (and others) are invited to speak into.

Though there are no official statistics on this, the marathons almost
certainly hold the record for presenting the most voices of homeless
people in the history of American broadcasting. And, though it is still a very
modest broadcast, it is probably already the largest American media event
dedicated to issues of poverty.


The above is taken from http://www.homelessnessmarathon.org/about.html

Please see http://www.homelessnessmarathon.org/

Please urge your local radio stations to carry the marathon.

My good friend Jeremy Alderson a.k.a. "Nobody" broadcasts
each marathon from outside in the freezing cold and endures
this in order to raise consciousness, to give the homeless a voice
through call-ins, and by working with anti-poverty, justice,
welfare recipients' and homeless persons' rights, and other groups.

If you can help, feel free to contact him at radio@lightlink.com

Otherwise, please strongly urge your local stations to carry
the Marathon (it is free!) and check the web
site from time to time between now the the date of the marathon,
for updates


Where to Hear the 4th Annual Homelessness Marathon

The following stations are scheduled to air the Marathon during the
times listed below, beginning Wednesday, January 24. This is a
provisional list of confirmed stations only. More stations will be added
as they confirm..


KBCS, Bellevue/Seattle, WA*
KBOO, Portland, OR
KFCF, Fresno, CA*
KGNU, Boulder, CO*
KPFK, Los Angeles, CA* MIDNIGHT to 6 am PST
KRCB, Rohnert Park, CA*
KSFC, Spokane, WA
KVMR, Nevada City (including.Sacramento & Auburn), CA*
WEFT, Champaign/Urbana, IL*
WEOS, Geneva, NY* : 7pm - 9am EST
WJFF, Jeffersonville, NY 7pm-6am EST
WMPG, Portland. ME 7pm - 9am EST
WZRD, Chicago, IL
WILL, Urbana, IL*


Radio For Peace International, Costa Rica*

*These stations broadcast their signal on the Internet. See their web sites
for details.


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