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     December 18, 2000

12/18/2000 - U.S. Housing and Urban Development
Secretary Andrew Cuomo announced that HUD is making
available to public housing authorities funds for an
estimated 80,000 additional Section 8 rental
assistance vouchers.

During Cuomo's three years as HUD Secretary, the
Administration has prevailed on Congress to fund some
190,000 additional vouchers more than the 1.3 million
average funded each year. From fiscal years 1994
through 1998, Congress did not appropriate funds for
any additional vouchers. (Chart shows additional
vouchers in thousands; baseline equals about 1.3
million.) "Our best estimates show that more than
5.4 million American families need housing
assistance," Cuomo said.

With the help of the vouchers, eligible low-income
families spend no more than 30 percent of their
monthly income for rent. And thanks to legislation
passed early this year, public housing authorities now
can permit the vouchers to be used to help purchase
homes. Public housing authorities will compete for the
vouchers, with applications due at HUD headquarters in
Washington, DC, by January 29, 2001.

Because the demand for vouchers is expected to exceed
the supply, applications will be evaluated and ranked
by HUD according to the number of very low-income
renters with severe rent burdens, efforts by housing
authorities to promote area-wide housing opportunities
for families, and the numbers of disabled families or
Medicaid-eligible individuals served by the
authorities who are at risk of being

No housing authority will receive more than 25 percent
of the vouchers it normally receives, nor will any
housing authority receive more than 25 percent of all
additional vouchers awarded to its state. If
applications from one state seek less vouchers than
the number allocated to it, the balance will be
reallocated to other states.

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