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From: Laurel Hahlen GCEH Corporate Secretary
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Subject: Position with Georgia Coalition to End Homelessness -
Deadline Dec. 22
Final deadline announced

   Resumes for the position of Executive Director for the Georgia
Coalition to End Homelessness should be sent to the address listed
below and *postmarked* by Dec. 22. We encourage anyone who is
interested in applying to do so by this date.

    Please accept our apologies for any confusion or inconveniences.

    Thank you,
    Laurel Hahlen
    GCEH Secretary

Executive Director:
The Georgia Coalition to End Homelessness, a private, non-profit,
statewide organization, is seeking a full-time Executive Director to
provide Staff support to the Coalition Board and provide linkage and
technical assistance to the local communities and coalitions who
comprise this "Coalition of Coalitions." The successful candidate will
need administrative skills, organizational skills, leadership skills
and computer skills. Experience in grantsmanship, public relations and
strategic planning is essential. Candidate must have experience in
management of human services organization(s,) knowledge of issues
surrounding homelessness and the ability to professionally communicate
with state legislators, elected officials, agency executives and
citizens' groups from diverse income levels.

The position requires extensive travel, and requires a college degree
in a field related to the management of a multi-faceted, human
services organization.

The office of the GCEH will maintain records, report, documents and
files of financial activity of the GCEH pertaining to its history,
grants, membership, projects, etc.

Send resumes to:

Chatham-Savannah Authority for the Homeless
PO Box 8936
Physical Address: 2 Whitaker Street, Suite 103
Savannah, GA 31413
(912) 790-3400, Fax: (912) 790-3403
Email: CSAH8936@bellsouth.net

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