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Subject: Operation Disaster Relief - December 20
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 10:50:32 -0600

WEDNESDAY, December 20th
Christmas on the Waterfront - "Operation Disaster Relief"
(Lakeshore Blvd. and Cherry Street)

Come and join in this Christmas rally of support for the
people trying to survive down by the waterfront

We will bring bread but also roses!

Help be part of a historic waterfront effort. Operation
Disaster Relief aims to bring concrete relief, food and
warmth to the waterfront tent city community.

Join us as early as 9:30 for clean up. From 10-11 we will
erect a Christmas tree, a choir will sing carols,
and BIG presents will arrive for the Tent City community**

Turkey Dinner will be @ 10:30 a.m. - all are welcome!!

There are a number of  things we still need. If you can help
with any of the following either just bring them or leave
Cathy a message at 599-TDRC.

We still need:

1.  For clean-up
rakes, snowshovels, big heavy duty garbage bags
bins and boxes to put garbage in

2. For meal
picnik tables or portable tables to serve dinner from
FOOD (we're still needing mashed potatoes, stuffing,
paper plates, knives, forks

3. For relief effort
toilet paper
bottled water
other cold drinks like juice boxes

4. For Christmas cheer
decorations for tree (political ones about housing would be

I've probably forgotten things so feel free to help out with
your own creativity.

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