[Hpn] *ALERT: Albuquerque Businesses' Bicycle Patrol to rouse homeless downtown (fwd)

Morgan W. Brown morganbrown@hotmail.com
Mon, 18 Dec 2000 11:43:29 -0500

In my opinion, for what it is worth and while I am sure it is quite obvious 
to most on the HPN list in one regard or another, I will risk to state 
certain points anyway:

* The hiring and use of private security patrols like the one described in 
the article to police public areas to harass people who are homeless, poor, 
or who are otherwise unwanted in order to protect the interests of private 
business may not be anything really new in our society of course, yet are an 
unjust and illegal abridgement and violation of rights. To be clear though, 
even when the official police are used in this manner however, I believe it 
is just as wrong and illegal if people are not committing real crime and are 
solely being singled out for the circumstances they find themselves in and 
attempting to survive.

Nothing that these patrols are set for or will do is to protect anyone's 
rights other than that merchants protect their own bottom lines at the 
expense of others.

It seems to me anyway that many businesses that are located in business 
districts believe that they own the area and have special rights regarding 
it. They can be highly territorial and protective of it. This appears to be 
true in many places. It seems that if many businesses had their way, only 
people who had money and came into their places of businesses to spend money 
there would be allowed in what they seem to regard as their district alone.

* The use of these monies and human resources is not merely a major disgrace 
and abuse of power, but is an enormous and ludicrous waste.

These monies and resources could be better directed to address the needs of 
the people they will be moving on.

They are just pushing off what they see as a problem they do what to deal 
with to someone or somewhere else.

They should use these monies and human resources to leverage more funds 
which could be used to address the obvious basic needs of people in need: 
including accessible, affordable, safe and decent (real) housing; 
community-wide resource drop-in centers (run by people who either are most 
in need of them or formerly were); affordable community food and household 
goods purchasing coops (run by people who either are most in need of them or 
formerly were); transportation and meal (etc) vouchers; employment training 
and support programs (run by people who either are most in need of them or 
formerly were);

These and other things just might actually help with improving the "quality 
of life" of the community and those who live within it at every level if 
everyone works together as equals in a mutual way toward these very 
achievable goals. Plus maybe if people had access to more resources and had 
livable wages they could both benefit from and contribute to the economy of 
their community rather than be pushed around it or away from it. This means 
businesses would profit better, wouldn't one assume anyway if they were not 
so snobby, intolerant, high minded and socially short sighted.

Those are some of my thoughts on the subject anyway.

Morgan <morganbrown@hotmail.com>
Morgan W. Brown
Montpelier Vermont USA

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Tom Boland <wgcp@earthlink.net> sent:

*ALERT: Albuquerque Businesses' Bicycle
Patrol to rouse homeless downtown (fwd) downtown

Should Albuquerque next month approve the proposed $648,000 budget for
downtown businesses to hire a private security patrol?  Why or why not?

If the Downtown Action Team gets funded, would you recommend that your
"disabled" friends apply for job openings?  Why or why not?

Has your community deployed Bicycle Patrols to deal with "quality of life" 
crimes?  What are those patrols' track records for "respecting and 
protecting everyone's civil rights", minorities, poor and homeless people 
included?  .

FWD  Albuquerque Journal - 15 December 2000


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