[Hpn] *Re: [Hpn] "Haven" for homeless opens by SFO -- far, far away from the business districts and other services from the business districts and other services

Tom Boland wgcp@earthlink.net
Sun, 17 Dec 2000 20:01:32 -0800 (PST)

San Feancisco Chronicle 16 Dec 2000 reports:
>The $2 million shelter, which welcomed its first overnight guests yesterday,
>is on the former SamTrans employee parking lot near San Francisco
>International Airport -- far from any residential neighborhood. It replaces
>the county's 13-year-old emergency shelter at the National Guard Armory in
>San Mateo. <SNIP>

Chance Martin <streetsheet@sf-homeless-coalition.org> wrote:
>Hurrah, a 90 bed shelter so remote from the neighborhoods of silicon valley
>that the residents must be bussed to it every night, meanwhile the
>bureaucrats and providers get a "puff piece" in the Chron -- just as though
>they were some kind of fucking prize. We used to put more people than that
>up in one of the covert squats that Homes Not Jails once operated.

In Eastern Europe, at least one town offered cargo containers ("hooches")
as living quarters to Roma Gyspies willing to relocate outside the
municipality.  Hoping perhaps to appear as Compassionate Convervatives,
town officials agrued that the Roma would be safer among their own.

Considering the vigilantes who target Gypsies, the argument even had its
gain of truth.  The Roma, well versed in Facism's Friendly Face, refused to

>I wonder how much permanent housing $2 million would have built?

If the City of San Francisco spent $2,000,000 to fix up "abandoned,
condemned or tax-delinquent buildings", how many formerly homeless people
could _own_ their own living quarters?

Why should the government or nonprofits own the buildings in which poor
people live?

Wouldn't it save taxpayers money in the long run to make poor people home
owners? -- Tom Socrates

>Shelter Finds Permanent Home
>Haven for homeless opens by SFO
>Julie N. Lynem, Chronicle Staff Writer
>Saturday, December 16, 2000
>2000 San Francisco Chronicle

>After facing months of rejection by Peninsula communities, San Mateo
>County's emergency winter shelter has finally found a permanent home in
>South San Francisco. <SNIP>

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