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Published Sunday, December 17, 2000

Police training aimed to dealing with mental health crisis

More information: 

Police training program

At least some Minneapolis police officers will receive 40 hours of training
in a nonconfrontational approach to dealing with mentally ill people who are
in a crisis. The topics and techniques include:

*    Understanding how crises escalate in stages.

*    Basic rules for intervention by police, including body posture, tone of
voice and how to resolve conflicts.

*    Role playing in which mental health professionals, people with mental
illness and trained police officers act out a crisis.

*    Learning about suicide assessment and prevention, psychiatric treatment
and civil commitment.

*    Visits to hospitals, clinics and agencies to become acquainted with how
they serve mentally ill people.

*    Dispatchers will receive at least two hours of training to help them
decide whether a crisis intervention team member should respond to a call.

Source: Memphis Police Department


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