[Hpn] Blaming people who are homeless: A personal account; Update

Morgan W. Brown morganbrown@hotmail.com
Sat, 16 Dec 2000 20:54:23 -0500


An update to yesterday's post as promised:

Last yesterday afternoon (Friday, December 15, 2000) after a very close 
friend e-mailed to say that they would store my stuff for me if I went out 
to see what I could retrieve of it, if it was still there, I went out there 
and only found three boxes of my stuff in the snow just off the sidewalk but 
in a safe place. I brought the boxes to the place where I had been online. 
Then called the Another Way drop-in center and left a message for Director 
(he wasn't there when I called) about the situation and asking that he come 
get me. He came by and gave me a ride. Another Way was having their Friday 
night supper, so I got to enjoy that and the company their. Which helped a 
lot. So I finally calmed down a bit and got to talk about it with others. It 
helped to share it with people online as well. If I kept it in, I would have 
imploded and took it out on myself as I have in the past. But I was able to 
get through it and cool off slowly.

When the person whom I mentioned in my post yesterday had said they were 
coming, they said they were bringing me everything and that I only had to 
take what was needed now and he's continue to store the rest for me. When I 
looked in the car, it looked like there was more there that was mine than 
was left in the snow off the sidewalk. I do not know if the person had left 
everything and someone came along and helped themselves or if the person 
only left those three boxes for me for the time being. Those boxes contained 
some of my winter stuff and is not everything he was storing for me. What I 
needed most was not there though. I needed my heavier winter socks, but I 
will be alright and get by until I can get replacements. Nothing I can do 
about it anyway. I am not worried about it. Things are not important to me 
and can be replaced. I will not be in contact with them again regardless.

Anyway, another person e-mailed me and said I could store the stuff where I 
am storing what I have in town already, so that worked out great. I even 
have a key to that place so I can gain access during the days and early 
evening seven days a week.

My friends at Another Way and online have been very supportive. I am doing 
better now. Had a great meal tonight with a couple of friends. More later.


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