[Hpn] Blaming people who are homeless: A personal;Re:Harmony's post

Morgan W. Brown morganbrown@hotmail.com
Sat, 16 Dec 2000 13:01:12 -0500

Appreciate your empathic post and your thoughtful, caring and insightful 
comments, along with what you shared with me and others at HPN anout your 
own experiences as well, Harmony. Thank you.

It means a lot and is very helpful -- as are the posts regarding this from 
others both on and off list as well as those I am getting from people on my 
other e-networks too.

Am doing a little better now and will send a update later after I take a 
break and gain access to my stuff. It may rain here so I need to get my rain 
gear and unload some of the extra heavy and warmer winter stuff I have in my 
backpack to make room for the rain gear and related stuff, etc. Before I 
return here to go back online, I will visit at the Another Way drop-in 
center here in Montpelier so I can get something to eat and hang out and get 
and give some support from and to others.



On: Friday, December 15, 2000 at 16:41:23 -0800
Re: [Hpn] Blaming people who are homeless: A personal
Harmony Foster Kieding wrote:


I hear you! I both hear you, and also know from my own personal
experiences while homeless something of what you have gone through. I could 
identify reaaaallly well when you said "It is bad enough to be aware that 
someone has these attitudes, but it is even far worse when they find ways 
for a person to trust them and allow them to help and then they turn on you 
with judgmental attitudes, blame, put downs and negativity."

I had a "friend" in LA. We were room-mates on and off together
for years... had hundreds of hours of fun conversations, etc. But somehow it 
all changed when it came down to my needing a place in out of the cold one 
freezing winter night. Chris just "somehow didn't have room". That pretty 
much makes it very clearwhat kind of a relationship it is, when a "friend" 
doesn't care enough to give shelter on a freezing night. So, as you said.." 
That is the last I will
ever be in contact with that individual and now I will be less trusting of 
others even more than I have been."

Being homeless is one of THE most stressful experiences I can
think of. It is right up there with being a war veteran, or victim of a 
violent crime, or any of the other circumstances that lead people to seek 
help for post traumatic stress disorder symptoms. Only trouble is.. when 
you're out on the street in survival mode, there is no safe place of retreat 
for healing.
And man, someof these scars go deep. Really deep. Plus, it isn't "POST" 
traumatic stress disorder... it's going on NOW.
A few months ago, I did a search on eGroups for post traumatic
stress disorder support groups. There were a lot for child abuse, 
molestation, policemen, veterans, and others...but not a single one for 
people who are, or who have been, homeless. Not one. Something in me kinda 
snapped at that point, and I started my own egroup...
ptsdhomeless. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I really heard what you 


Harmony's HomePage: Homeless Resources & Humanitarian Causes

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