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Subject: A New Legal Clinic is Being Created for Ontario Tenants
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A New Legal Clinic is Being Created for Ontario Tenants.

The Housing Law Clinic Funded for Ontario Legal Aid.

Ontario plans to fund the Housing Law Clinic (HLC) which
will serve low-income tenants all across Ontario. The
primary activities of the HLC will be to assist tenant
organizations and community legal clinics across the
province with test cases, law reform activities and tenant

A Board of Directors is being formed.  The HLC will be an
independent non-profit corporation with a Board of Directors
that will oversee its operations. The Board of Directors
will have 15 Directors: 5 Directors have been appointed to
the founding board to represent legal clinics. 10 Directors
are being sought from the community; of these, at 5 are to
be from outside Toronto and up to 5 from Toronto; 5 of the
10 are to be low-income tenants. Directors may be involved
community agencies, but none are to be landlords or work for
landlords (including public housing

Director Responsibilities - Directors will be responsible
for overseeing the direction and policies of
the HLC. Directors will stay in touch with the needs of
tenants in the province so that the Clinic can keep its
focus current.

Directors are expected to attend Board meeting a few times
per year and to be available for telephone meetings more
often. While there is no pay for the work of Directors,
expenses such as travel and accommodation will be covered.

Board Responsibilities - The Board of Directors as a whole
will create the goals and objectives of
the HLC, based on community needs and trends. The Board will
also ensure that:
* the requirements of the funder (Legal Aid Ontario) are
being met
* funds are being used effectively
* staff are hired and supervised appropriately
* the Board is maintained, by finding new members when

Are You Interested?
If you want more information or if you might be interested
in being involved with the Board of Directors of the Housing
Law Clinic, we would like to hear from you. Please contact
Leslie Robinson by phone 1-800-668-8258 ext 5423 or
(416)204-5423, by fax (416)204-5393 or by email

If you wish to apply to become a member of the Board of
Directors, we ask that you provide a written outline of your
experience working with organizations or Boards of
Directors, your involvement with tenant issues, the reasons
you would like to become involved with the HLC and anything
else about yourself that you think is relevant.

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