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unclescam unclescam@buskers.org
Tue, 12 Dec 2000 16:59:50 -0500

this disturbs me a bit. why didn't these folks clean their own site. when i
move into a new squat i have to do my own housekeeping. is there some reason
this group couldn't clean and make safe their new home ?
  another is this idea that the government is responsible for another site,
this doesn't sound like a rational idea. in the sixties we started a movement
for earth peoples land. put our money together and bought parcels in vermont
and california and moved to it. chrystal mt. in californis is still available
and at last report had 25 year round livers. self sufficient?
vermont got taken by the feds when bikers turned it into a waystation for
their drug traffic.it was on the border of canada and a good site for it.
where is the idea for a new eutopia for the dispossessed coming from?
begging the government for space is folly.
  again, clean up your own shit. it doesn't mean they won't throw you out,
but you'll live better.

Graeme Bacque wrote:

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> Subject: Christmas by the Waterfront - December 19 @ 11 am
> Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 15:05:13 -0600
> good afternoon everybody - i hope this email finds you well
> and ready to come out to a REALLY BIG event down at "tent
> city" next Tuesday morning (December 19th) at 11:00 am.
> This is the place, at the Lakeshore and Cherry Streets,
> where about 20 people are facing eviction from their
> homemade shelters and the destruction of their social
> community.  Late last week we delivered a temporary
> "disaster house" to the site so that at least 2 people could
> have a safe and healthy place to live in and as a challenge
> to all levels of government to face their responsibility
> during this homeless disaster to find suitable land on which
> to erect enough of these units to shelter every person who
> needs it.
> Next tuesday we plan to host a "Christmas by the Waterfront"
> during which we will:
> 1-clean up the area
> 2-have a turkey dinner
> 3-put up a Christmas tree; and
> 4-have a choir singing carols
> To do this properly we NEED YOUR HELP!! we need people to:
> 1-bring tools, such as rakes, shovels and grass cuters, to
> help with the clean up
> 2-to bring cooked turkeys and other food for the dinner
> 3-to come and participate in this christmas rally of support
> for the people trying to survive down by the waterfront
> 4-to spread around this notice to as many people as possible
> so that we can get a whole crowd out!
> If you are able to come, please do so; if you are able to
> provide specific help, as in volunteering to be part of the
> clean up crew, or bring turkeys, etc. please call TDRC at
> either at 416-599-8372 (Kira Heineck) or 416-964-2459 (Bric
> German).  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
> Graeme <graeme.bacque@3web.net>
> http://bacque.graeme.tripod.com
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