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Bill Clift newfree@isni.net
Tue, 12 Dec 2000 08:33:52 -0500

Hi Virginia -

Your e-mail came at a good time for me.  Tomorrow at noon I will
present an outline of my ideas to the residents of a local homeless

Although my reason for going to the homeless is that I think they will
be the most likely "members of our society" to be willing to change
from a system that is destroying individuals,  groups,  and the global
environment,  I had never articulated my thoughts as well as you have.

I was homeless for about two years.  In this time I was usually employed
but was unable/unwilling to afford rent.  Plus,  I did not (and still don't)
identify with most "earth people,"  but rather felt an ambiguous
inferiority.  I was also drinking in an alcoholic manner.  Plus,  my living
quarters were pretty nice: a deserted hotel in the U. S. Virgin Islands.

Anyway,  I am suggesting ways men and women can change from the norm
and then live satisfying lives that are different from and better than those
conventional civilized societies.  I'm hoping my ideas will be of interest
to the
homeless people I'll  meet tomorrow,  and I'm sure their ideas will be of
interest to me.

Thanks for your post and your perspective,

Bill Clift

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